V0.9.0 Bug?

Andy, I'm not sure if this is is an issue. When you swipe up on the cube, it doesn't show you the potion. It only leaves the screen blank as if you don't have a tower to build...

Thanks for reporting! Thats a weird issue, seems to be android only. I could reproduce it as well on my Nexus 7 this morning...

Andy, It seems to be after you swipe for anything. like after 4 common, uncommon, or rare items towers and potions.

Either I'm incredibly bad at remembering things and blind, or the ability to do 1000 waves seems to have disappeared, I can't see a way to do more than 200.

With the new version, the ability to increase the amount of waves has been removed. There is now a real test after wave 200. It's a truly endless mode.

Oh okay, awesome, thanks! =)

Bug added to 0.9.1 sprint!