v0.9.1 bug

Andy, I've run multiple tests on this and want your input. -This applies to Bear Hunter and Widow. -Using Frozen Set Bear Hunter: When BH uses the Frozen set, it seems that the Creeps don't actually slow down by 10%, or at all. They keep the same movement speed. My test groups were based off of any Mass Creeps, so I can track the slow down easier. Widow: When Widow uses the Frozen set, all creeps in 3 Range get Frozen. Widow has an attack range of 1, but her Last Will seems to grand the 3 range for Frozen? Weird... She also has the same issue as the BH, with the creeps not slowing down by 10%. Maybe it's just me? But I have run several tests on this...

Hmm, that's interesting. I can explain bear hunter, though. The effect procs on attack, but as bear hunter never attacks (just places traps), it doesn't trigger. Widow on the other hand is really weird. I didn't understand it completely yet however :-) Is the effect triggered when she attacks?

Andy, Is there a way to code Bear Hunter's trap to Frozen? I think being able to have it on the trap would make sense. However, depending on your build, the BH may lay too many traps and could potentially cause a bug itself. (If multiple traps were on the path at once.) I could also see an issue with the game having to remember what traps were set when the Frozen set was on.. But on the flip side of that, coding it to where the BH's traps are only affected by what the current items are, could salve that all together. =D Or, make it easier and not allow the BH to equip that set? For Widow, it goes like this: -Any 2 pieces of the set. -Each attack she does, will trigger the Frozen effect for Creeps within 3 Range -None of the Creeps actually get the Frozen affect. I'm thinking it has something to do with Widow's "Last Will", which automatically increases her range to 3 for the gold and item chance. I think what's missing, is the separation between her Actual Range (1) and her Skill Range (3). Without the definition between the two, it may cause the coding to not trigger the Frozen effect. Also, I'll keep using this Topic for further Bugs, instead of creating new Topics each time. Kbs add up pretty dang fast. =D Oh, and if you ever need a some help testing things out, let me know. I'd love to help out in any way possible.

Hmm I think it works correctly as it is right now on Bear Hunter. He doesn't really actively attack creeps, thats why all the 'on attack' stuff doesn't trigger for this guy. If the frozen set would do 'on damage' it would work again. But having the set trigger 'on damage' would make it far too strong. Gib himself is triggering on damage later on :-) Alright I filed an issue for Black Widow! Will look into this, although at least in theory the two ranges shouldn't interfere with each other. Will check it!

Andy, Found another (Not urgent); Best Hit doesn't seem to calculate properly. I've seen this with 3 different towers so far. (Muli, Shadow, and Hitman) I'm still testing it on others. Example: Best Hit:2500 Average Dmg: 3200 Crit Hit: 12000 (As seen when the Crit hit pops up) Maybe it's just me, but I'm pretty sure that the Best Hit is supposed to be 12000 in that instance.. lol

Thanks for reporting this. I will file a ticket and look into this. Quite strange this happens, cause as far as I know the crit numbers above the tower should be the final damage, all armor etc consodered. Will look into this!

Andy, Another bug: Transmuting/Combining Items/Towers/Potions: -4 of any kind swiped up to Trans/Comb (no issue) -It will show the new product (no issue) -If you have that same product and try to swipe left/right for another, it shows the same image of the new product (issue) ---Only happens about 25% of the time and only if you have the same Item/Tower/Pot already in your inventory. Example: -4 pots swiped up -New Pot of Speed Rare -Already have that Pot -Swipe left/right to combine more Pots -Still shows the New Pot of Speed Rare for all Pots. (Issue) -Exit the Pots inventory and re-enter, shows all Pots as it should.

I found a bug with mr iron. If i integrate the impatience wrath set the set bonus dissapears. Losing a lot of attack speed and almost immediatly i lost the game. I haven't tested this worh any other set but i would expect those to also lose thier set bonus when integrating.

Yes, right now set boni currently do not work when being constructed in mr. iron. This was a balancing decision I made before releasing 0.9 as I really couldn't predict how the boni would work on him. I think I can adjust this with the next bugfix relaese...