Well it was a decent TD but now its time to quit, this version sucks

Sorry Andy but I hate, just absolutely hate where this game is going. I thought last version was perfect and didn't need to change a thing. 1. Dark Forge is now a crap shoot, it requires that you replace Ganesha lvl 99, and even then its a 10% chance for the purple item. Garbage tower, remove from the game. 2. Blofeld is completely useless now, just remove it from the game since you can't transmute it. 3. Mr. Iron is worthless, 90 seconds you can't do anything? There aren't enough items that can drop to make this tower remotely useful. Remove from the game. 4. Money Bin is now completely useless and there is absolutely no point to ever build this tower now. 5. A majority of the rest of the towers and items are completely useless and are just for transmuting. 6. Rings are so annoying. You should just make them potions that towers can drink. Once drank they will be married for remainder of the game, otherwise not worth the time or battery power on our phones. 7. Wave Master was this entire game, this new bonus round crap is garbage.

I wouldn't quit just yet. I think he's just e permeating with things and see what people like and want. I hope he has found out that this bonus round was a bad move. By the time I get close to wave 200 I just started having fun and finding my groove then boom game is over.. The first 100 waves are boring because your hoping for the right drops to get your settings right. I don't see a problem with adding the bonus round to the end of the wavemaster..basically whichever wave is your last will then be the bonus round. The last 3 games I played must of been really bad luck...I couldn't even get close to having the sat ready..I had 3 money bins by the time I was at 150 then from 180 I got 2 more and a third on 199...so the sat sucked. Also with the interest cap makes it even worse..I swear I just wanted bins and if I got one more freaking scarface was going to scream. Mr iron is good if the drops are good..last 2 games got lucky and got a Mr iron around 50..and put every item I got and he still sucked bad..guess just bad luck. The dark forge I also have given up on. At the very least his starting chance should be 10 percent but needs to go up 1 percent a lvl..or least .5 a lvl so at 99 you have 60..then add 1 percent more for every dark item equipped on a tower..then dark forge is good. The money Bin interest rate should scale .1 with lvl..so every 1 lvl you get 1 more percent. Why do we have to have a lvl cap? Just keep the experience scaling and let towers go higher than 99. Bonus round if it stays needs to drop items and money for the sat or at least more items. Could even have bonus round only items that drop after intervals. Like after 60 seconds u unlock tier 2 bonus round items..120 seconds is tier 3..and every second you last be cool if it increased experience by .120 or something. Not sure but seems ladder lvl is done at 99..expand it and make is endless..keeps people around and thinking they can pass others. Some games I look at ranks and if there's like 2 pages of top lvl then why should I bother.. With that said could have your true lvl..which is endless and then every month the ladder resets and every starts as lvl 1..see who makes it the highest in a month. The top spots could start their next 1 to x amt of games with something cool to set them up better. Anyway just some thoughts

@Bombdigie Sorry to hear that. I figure your main critic is the removal of the wave master skill, correct? Dark Forge needs a buff, thats true. Especially as a source of cards in bonus round. But I don't get the other points. - Satellite can still be the strongest tower in the whole game (look at korn's >1000s bonus round survival with this guy) - Mr Iron is (if you do not want to establish him as 2nd carry) the greatest support tower ever Also, which towers are useless? I try to balance towers from version to version so that every single one of them is useful at some point/situation in the game. This requires sometimes a tower to be nerfed as well, cause otherwise it would be unfair to all others. Like I did with Blofeld/Money Bin. I don't know but if you maybe played with Blofeld a lot in the prev version (beef up Blofeld until 200, then try things during the remaining waves while Blofeld kills everything regardless what it is), maybe it's time now to try different strategies? There are a lot of them! Personally I like the early/mid game and to improvise a strategy from what cards I get, see how far it carries me.

I think scarecrow is useless..or least I never know when it's actually good. Be nice if towers kept getting better up to 99..like scarface 1 shot every 20..scarecrow 1 crow every 7..Pocket thief should keep going up and not stop at 12 with gold..and it'd be even better if the gold it steals deals extra damage. The baby rabbit be better if 1 more carrot every 16 instead of just at 16. The Wolf pack system is cool but not enough of space on board to be able to use a lot of wolves to notice it being good. Need wave master back or longer game..endless mode be great let us have fun and see who gets the furthest. The bonus round is about killing basically alot at once so aoe...or really fast 1 hit kills. Endless game mode is about sustainability. I'd love to have a game one time where I have more than 1 lvl 99 tower and it not be ganesha