..am i just that unlucky or am i just cursed... lately ive been doin all darkness tower runs and what i noticed is its so hard to get water of life potions.. so rare that i had zilch in one game for about 150round (game over at round 150 coz i cant get higher tier items than meat mallet).. all i got for item chance and quality is nillos elixir (T.T) ..at round 150 i was only at 50% item chnce and quality (skill 10% + littlefinger 20% + nillos 20%)...another thing i have noticed: Its like the drop rate is way too dependent on item chnce and quality percentage. Maybe just a coincidence but I noticed that you cant get excalibur if your IC and IQ is less than 200%. May i suggest: 1. Common water of life potions?? XD 2. How about an incentive of additional x% item chance and quality for every second skipped?