Why is there no shop?

You should be able to buy potions in a shop. Each time you buy a certain potion the price increases for the next time you buy that potion. Aside from the Money Bin - Blofeld Strategy, gold seems rather pointless, useless, etc. Also can we get a drink all potions button?

+1 for the potion shop. I think there is a card idea for an alchemist tower that would fit to this pretty well. Shall put this on my list when it comes to the next version. Unfortunately a drink all potions button wouldn't work because of some destructive potions that can drop as well. Like sacrifice potion for instance.

Just code it so the drink all potions are for all but the unique/purple potions.

It's not that easy :-) One of the main design principles I try to stick to when working on this game is simplicity. Especially in terms of UI, as space is very limited on mobile (Darly want to avoid a cluttered UI). So everytime when it is about to add a new button to the game, I think very carefully about if this is really necessary. In this case it is not, I think. There are a few reasons for this: - Simplicity: The functionality 'drink all but unique' is easy to code but hard to fit on a button so that it is clear to the user. - If potion drops are so frequent, that such a button becomes necessary there is something wrong with the gameplay than wrong with the UI (I assume it mostly happens in games >200 waves. The >200 gameplay will was completely redesigned for the next release to address exactly those issues!) - There are plans to add potions with significant pros/cons. For instance when there will be magical damage additionally to the physical we have right now. A button like described would make such things more difficult to add in future. Hope I could shed some light on it :-) Sorry bout my very brief answer in the first place, but during these days I'm very involved in making the final bits of the next release ready!

Dude, I got 17 trillion gold at wave 201... what am I supposed to do with 17 trillion gold mang?

My fingers hurt from pressing drank potion like 200 times every 100 waves mang!!!! HALP!

Good point about the gold. I'm quite confident, that we will find other applications for late game gold besides Blofeld. Might take a few more releases, but I'm confident :-) Also, the next release will have a max of 200 waves again. So no more potion overflow! During bonus round there will be no more drops!

Ability to buy potions could make the game even easier then it already is. Also have you tried a Muli build? Put him in the very back and set some Gibs, Beavers near the front with 2 part With set. Then let the game sit there wile your Muli gets stronger. I think the problem isn't so much not enough to spend gold on but rather how much gold you can get. Perhaps a gold cap should be implemented. This could also stop the Sat problem.

That's right. Thank's for the backup :-) Right now I'm balancing the bonus round. Doesn't look to bad, except Sat... Right now a gold cap is the only solution I can think of, although I don't really like to cap things. Maybe I find another solution than to cap. Let's see! ;-)

As the game gets more towers I think that using so many money bags wont be as common. Perhaps removing the income from Money bags and making the Cube have income so you can't get nearly as much money.

Solution now is to limit the interest per round to a maximum of 1 million gold. Did some tests and this is feels really nice for Blofeld (less OP :-))

What?!?!?! That's not a solution, man. One thing that all game developers need to be reminded, don't nerf something that people enjoy. If something gets overpowered, buff everything else and balance the monsters. That's all you have to do.

Buff everything else... balancing 100 things is far harder then balancing 1 thing. And that is only the tip of the iceberg.

Do you have any idea how nearly impossible it is to do the money bin strat on normal or hard? I don't see why you would need to nerf this.

The strategy itself won't be nerfed. In fact money bins even got a little buff due to a bugfix as their aura bonus now is calculated correctly when they level up. The thing I needed to nerf was the exponential growth of money leading to an insanely high base damage for sat in endgame. This is simply unfair compared to all other strategies and everyone who would strive for maximum bonus round survival would need to do the Sat strategy. So the only thing that got nerfed now is there is a cap on interest you get per round: 1 million gold. This takes back some control of the max base damage you can get out of Satellite, which can still be much much more than with any other tower. I also increased the percentage of money Sat burns per shot a little bit, because the current amount was barely noticeable before. But back to the potion shop. Did you have a look at the Alchemist / Blackmarket tower suggestion on the current poll? Goes in that direction :-)