Windows version

When I first started I used to play on my Surface. Is a Windows version ever coming back?

The Windows version hasn't been supported for quite a while. Was too hard to maintain three separate operating systems, and the Windows version was super easy to cheat. A shame, because I would love a Windows version that didn't connect to the internet, so we could try adding new Towers, Items and Potions and testing them for balance.

Yeah, I really enjoy tablet gaming over phone gaming and don't own an android tablet. Has anyone tried something like bluestacks for this? I wasn't able to get it up and running, but computers aren't really my thing.

There is a fella on here running an Android emulator on here, yeah (Not sure if it's called Bluestacks, can't recall that, sorry). I assume having to run it through an emulator would make mod support impossible though, so I still have my fingers crossed for an open-source Windows version coming back.