Withered set

I have been getting this bug with the withered set that causes the enemy sent back 1 second in time to either be off path. When they are off path they are forced to return to start of the map. Thsi might be a bug caused by using withered set on Gib. On another note... Gib needs nerfed. Ever tried Messer (mob slow) or Withered set on him (insane damage amp can be achived wheen they never move)?

Yes, I got a lot reports that gib is pretty much OP. Possible options for a nerf: - reduce stacks, or even reduce them to 1 - Change trigger to on attack rather than on damage Looking forward to your opinions on that!

I think the skill is actually set well as far as stacks go now... compared to the initial gib. It seems it would just make sense to reduce the freeze amount peehaps down to 10% since 25% is so much.

Good call on that option kad! Just by looking at the tower card this makes sense to me :-) Should have looked better in the first place? All others do you agree on this nerf? In this Case I will extend the 0.9 changelog.

If you get a wither set proc on a treasure goblin that just spawned, it will get booted to the beginning of the maze and gains the ability to clip through everything. Although, I generally kill it too fast to really see where does it actually go.

I've had a few instances where bosses were ported back about 5 tiles.

The wither set does indeed cause bugs. Although it appears you knew that before the release Andy ;) I noticed the lost message come up a few times amidst all the chaos haha. My biggest concern though is that not all the creeps get lost! Sometimes treasure goblins get warped right out the end and you instantly lose health. Perhaps it'd be better to drop that ability until the kinks are worked out so you can still use amplify without repercussion.

Maybe you should make it so enemies get teleported 1 tile all the time rather than 1 second.

Not sure if this is intended but any tower that does not have a projectile (Ganeshi, Hitman, Bear Hunter, Elvis, etc) will not trigger any on-hit effects such as wither (2-3 set) or frozen (2) set.

I just did a little testing... the effect should only apply to the very first creep hit. This appears to work just fine. For towers like balu and dandelion this effect appears to work in such a way as to not amplify all of the creeps. The initial tower is hit activating onHit whilst the others are damaged hence activating onDamage. The effect only activates when onHit occurs.

I think I found the source of the problem with the wither set displacing enemies several seconds instead of one. It most has to deal with hitting multiple enemies at the instance when the 2 set wither effect procs. This mostly happens when a tower with the messer and 2 wither item attacks. What I suspect happens is that it hits everyone at once but causes the primary target to get transported 1 second of the last target that was hit during the instance. It is not limited with the messer though as I believe any multi-targeting or AoE tower with the 2 wither set or even one tower with the wither set and another tower targeting another separately can cause this bug to appear (notably if the attack speed of the tower is very fast).

the bug h happens the most to challenge (single unit) waves, bosses and gobs for me. Guess I should also notes that end games I have 5+ towers with two pieces

Hmm, the withered set should work on hit, not on damage. So the messerschmidt item should have no effect on it, unless we have a bug there :-/ Setting creeps back really badly can happen for example with scarecrow (if you haven't tried it, it's funny to watch). But this is by design. Regarding the treasure golbin, this definetely is a bug. Sometimes a regular boss gets teleported to some weird point and then clips through everything. I will add a bug report in mantis to investigate further.

Sometimes a regular boss gets teleported to some weird point and then clips through everything.
This happen to me many times with Treasure Goblin when I put Dungeon Door on Mr. Iron with high luck and withered set 2 or 3, 30/60 FPS with or without Scepter of Time.