withered set still causing creeps to run of path

As title says

Yep, goblin still goes weird as well. I couldn't see the full effect since it was dead as soon as spawned but it wasn't following the path.

Yup, at release time it appeared fixed but it later came about that it was not :(

Hmm, not only that. My challenges are acting weird as well. Sometimes they just stop and start going back to the first waypoint. This time I could document it, yay! 1st 2nd 3th Sometimes the goblin does that too. :D

Have you noticed the lost message appear? If a creep gets lost it will return to entry and start over. Kind of a work around but the goblin acts differently :( sigh

Nope... I didn't. And just a minute ago the challenge and the spawned goblin both teleported. I lost 15% due to goblins. D'uh!

Damn, I couldn't reproduce it in my tests :-( Probably I need to wait a litle bit longer for the reproduction. Ticket is reopened. Thanks for the reports and screenshots!

Still having a lot of problems with the pathing of this effect. Sometimes it actually teleports creeps forwards, and sometimes it'll still send some off the map. The worst bug of all, though, is: If you skip to the next round and there's still creeps near the end of the map, if a creep from the new round gets teleported it'll go to the end of the map right behind the old round creeps. That's an instant loss of 50% life if it's a boss. Why not just make it a 1 second stun? Or 1.2 seconds to account for the slight pullback.

If I do not find a solution to the problem, I might as well do that. But that's the last option to consider. My challenge is to fix it next release :-) Plus, there might be other cards dealing with time manipulation in future!

Fixed it! Problem was, that the same creep location history got recycled twice back to the pool leading to very confusing effects. Yay!