Wizard skill - item in a box

Could a new wizard skill allow us to start with a certain item in a locked box? The goal is to even things out for ladder play. It would also avoid times when you plan to play a certain way (maybe phoenix with Hades helm to cover half the map), but then you never get that item. There reason to have it start locked is so the player doesn't get access to the item early. I'm thinking the key would either be dropped by the horseman after the item's level: the 50 horseman could drop a level 45 item key, for example. The other option would be have the first drop after the item's level be the key to the box. E.g. a unique item level 80 would drop the key instead of a unique drop. If it was a blue item in the chest, then the next blue item would be the key.

I really love this idea!

Quoting ꂠꈼꂵꈼꋊꂦ's Gear Master skill idea from discord here, so it does not get lost: "What do you think about the skill that makes the item of your choice the first received item of a certain rarity." Like currently for towers, the player will be able to choose a rarity and for that rarity pick one card. The first drop in the game with that rarity (and item level reached) will be the chosen card.

I like the 2nd version of this idea better. But am unsure which would be more balanced gameplay-wise. Eager to see if this gets implemented and how.

What do you think about the skill that makes the item of your choice the first received item of a certain rarity. Let's say on the 27th wave we are the first to get the key of wisdom, but with this skill the beheader will be the first. As you can see there are 2 variations. to choose from 1 item or 5 skills for each category of rarity.

The first of a given rarity would be too strong, as it circumvents the item level. Same for one skill for each rarity, would make the choice less hard. And this choice should be hard I think 😅

That's a good point. It might be better to choose a guaranteed meat mallet or beheader instead of toilet paper, for example. Meat mallet is level 55 and beheader is 58. Is that reasonable? It seems like meat mallet could be 45 like dark meat mallet. Painting of Solea and Monster Teeth seem a bit high as well. Norl's Steel is 10 and it's often more useful than either of those. Hmm, maybe it's to allow those more useful early items through first? If so, then I agree with the current blue item levels. Would it make sense to impose a transmute item level restriction that's half of the normal item level restriction? Right now you can get a dried cactus (level 49) on wave 10 by transmuting. It's nice when you get an early meat mallet this way, but I'd like more consistency by removing the chance of getting some useless early game items (frozen book, dried cactus) and also losing the chance to get a nearly game-breaking item (meat mallet)