Wolfskin-Cloak not working in pack

I tested the Wolfskin cloak. It gives only the fixed bonus, but not the pack bonus. If a cloak makes a tower a pack member, it should also work with only two towers each wearing a WSC. If you have two towers wearing as WSC no tower gets the pack bonus. If you add a real wolf still no tower gets the pack bonus. What should happen if one tower wears two WSC ? Double pack bonus? Is it counted twice for the pack bonus? Is it a pack on its own with only two members or three or four or even more for Mr. Iron? How about a lvl 80 Mr Iron with 5 WSC ? Is it a pack with 5 lvl 80 wolfs?

This sounds like a bug to me! Just to make sure I have to ask this: Was the tower you gave the cloak to, the 'Wolf' with the highest level on the map? Because only that guy gets the pack bonus. As for your second qustion, a tower can only count as one Wolf, no matter how many cloaks this tower is wearing.

It was the one with the highest lvl. I had one real wolf lvl 1 a shadow lvl 80 and a ganesha lvl 70. To be shure I checked all three towers. None got the pack bonus.

Thanks for reporting! I filed a bug for it, I will try to reproduce and create a fix during this sprint.