Standard Rise of Cthulhu

pablo - Level 41

3 Supporter Level 3

Level: 41
Rank: 702
Experience: 30883
Relics: 300
Last seen 4 days ago

Golden heroes (3/18)

1x Baby Cthulhu
1x Dagon
1x Yig

Golden towers (4/54)

1x Scientist
1x Twisted Novice Wizard
1x Templar
1x Knusperhexe

Golden items (6/85)

1x Rotten Toadstool
1x Wet Towel
1x Dark Fistful of Steel
1x Frozen Candle
1x Viking Helmet
1x Roordahuizum

Golden potions (2/30)

1x Potion of Crit
1x Great Water of Life