Rise of Cthulhu

Season end:

A season of horror!

  • Eldritch cultists infiltrated the creeps.
  • Cultists can drop eldritch items. Be careful with those!
  • You may spark the interest of the Great Old Ones, if you sacrifice enough cultists.
  • All progress is merged to standard on season end.
  • Season ends 06/21.

Rise of Cthulhu Season

Great Old Ones

Slay their cultists to unlock up to four Great Old Ones, each with unique abilities.


Eldritch items

Cultists have a chance to drop powerful eldritch items. Be careful, most of them have a twisted drawback!

Eldritch Clam
Eldritch Claw
Obed Marsh's Necklace
Obed Marsh's Rifle
Eldritch Pearl
Eldritch Chainsaw

Black Market

There are rumors of new grotesque items seen at the black market.

Eldritch Arms
Cthulhu's Soup

Supporter Packs

If you would like to support the future development of Mazebert TD, you can now order a season supporter pack.

RoC Digital Supporter Pack
RoC T-Shirt Supporter Pack
RoC Hoodie Supporter Pack