A lot of questions about balance.

Sorry for the bad english google translate :) I have accumulated several questions, I'm not sure that they are all connected directly with the balance sheet, but still here they are. 1. Tinker. How can this tower be useful? The initial bonus to luck does not increase, spending potions on it is very wasteful in the early game, and in the later it is easier to give towers items that increase luck. 2. King Arthur. The main bonus of the tower is revealed after receiving the escalibur, which may not drop at all. Given its cost, this is confusing, although perhaps not a big problem. 3. How does a unicorn interact with luck? Does it lower or increase the tower’s chance to disappear? 4. Yggdrasil. I'm not sure that now it works as it was originally intended. Yes, now it is impossible to give the tower more than one branch, but the abuse is that Yggdrasil itself appears with all the branches in the inventory. Now I am saving all the potions by the end of the game, replacing the maine (usually the wolf) tower with Yggdrasil, drinking all the potions (x5-6 effect) and replacing the tower I need. Not necessarily nature. Without this abus, it is very difficult to raise crit for many towers like Balu, but I feel that this is wrong. Perhaps it is worth redoing the mechanics of this tower in the future? For example, give branches separately from the tower, but remove the restriction for nature towers. And so that the branches do not move on pause, block them when they fall into the tower inventory while Yggdrasil exists. Or change the type of tower which gave the branch to natural :) Just thinking. 5. The statistics of carry towers shows the dominance of wolves. I think this is because they allow comeback, all the other towers do not give a chance for error or bad luck. I don’t know if this is right, I just noticed. 6. The maximum slots in the inventory of the tower 6. So conceived or is it still a bug? The slot is from the skill, the slot is from the armor of a fat knight and for GT1 the seventh slot does not appear :)

I will try to answer these as best I can. 1. I agree the Tinker seems very weak. Hopefully it gets a boost, but the base 5% can be useful similar to how Herb Witch and Irish Pub both give a small bonus to a group of towers. 2. King Arthur is a bit weak. Andy has a buff planned for him -- check the news. King Arthur does have higher base damage, so once you get enough crit chance from potions, and enough attack speed, then King Arthur can be better than Templar, even without Excalibur. 3. Unicorn's chance to disappear is affected by luck, as far as I can tell. Luck for bad events works like this: Adjusted Chance = Raw Chance / Total Luck. Total luck = 100% + tower's luck stat. So with 25% luck, the formula looks like this: 25% (raw chance) / 1.25 (total luck = 20% (adjusted chance). 4. Yggdrasil is broken and super good. Andy made a News post about the new Yggdrasil tower. It will not have an element, so it can always drop. It will have 1 branch for each element. So a nature branch, a light branch, a dark branch and a metro branch. That will make it much more fair. It should also encourage multiple strong towers instead of a single super tower. 5. Wolves are easy and reliable to set up. And they boost the levels of all the wolves on the map allowing the player to switch to another strategy later. Being able to switch a level 40 wolf to a level 40 Jilly is much better than a level 1 (5% vs 1% chance to trigger death by toilet paper). Wolves are probably too good, but it does take a lot of towers to be wolves to keep the alpha wolf strong. 6. Maximum item slots is 6. Andy decided that. I think if you don't get the extra inventory slot from a skill, then you could benefit from both plasma blade + GT1 and from the fat knight armor. I haven't verified though.