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Necronomicon with Dagon + Idun

Started by FuzzyEuk, 6 replies

by vital

Hydra Arrow with Leuchtfeuer extra levels

Started by FuzzyEuk, 0 replies

by FuzzyEuk

Benchmark numbers w/update

Started by Tonka, 1 reply

by FuzzyEuk

Phönix rebirth level scaling

Started by Kami, 0 replies

by Kami

Opinion for balance

Started by TheMarine, 1 reply

by Andy

Complete rework of the end game dynamics to diversify elements.

Started by Kami, 4 replies

by Kami


Started by diijay, 13 replies

by FuzzyEuk

DoL Light Tower Balance Discussion

Started by FuzzyEuk, 5 replies

by Marzipain

DoL Tower Balance Discussion

Started by FuzzyEuk, 6 replies

by FuzzyEuk

DoL Item Balance Discussion

Started by FuzzyEuk, 3 replies

by Kami

Dried cactus buff

Started by Kami, 2 replies

by Andy

A lot of questions about balance.

Started by el jerbo, 1 reply

by FuzzyEuk

Multiplayer isnt balanced

Started by Hoid, 2 replies

by Hoid

Withered set 1 sec rewind and others

Started by kapaw, 1 reply

by Andy

Plasma sword

Started by Kami, 6 replies

by sir-kater

Huli Muli

Started by gpskomsa, 6 replies

by FuzzyEuk

Partial item strength analysis

Started by ?, 1 reply

by FuzzyEuk

New Player Balance

Started by Itami, 4 replies

by Itami

RNG is frastuating at this moment

Started by lol, 7 replies

by Itami

Wolf is very rare

Started by plink, 2 replies

by Kami


Started by Darktagnan, 1 reply

by TheMarine

Lets talk about Darkness, and indeed the races in general.

Started by Baka, 15 replies

by Baka

Scarecrow is OP.

Started by Abbot, 10 replies

by Abbot

Balancing 1,1

Started by Andy, 35 replies

by Romeo

Messershmidt's reaver

Started by Darktagnan, 8 replies

by Darktagnan

Creep Defense

Started by Darktagnan, 5 replies

by Ontrose

Something from my Evernote.

Started by Speedle, 2 replies

by Romeo

Solara rework

Started by Ontrose, 3 replies

by Romeo

Balancing 1.0

Started by Andy, 34 replies

by Ontrose

Card forging rates

Started by Obloc, 0 replies

by Obloc

Balancing issue, Base Damage

Started by Ontrose, 9 replies

by Ontrose

Questions about Messerschmidts Reaver

Started by Ontrose, 2 replies

by Ontrose

Legendary Droprate

Started by Margock, 2 replies

by Andy

Bonus Tile

Started by syotos, 2 replies

by syotos

To few "carry towers"

Started by syotos, 7 replies

by Dragoneses

Hitman Suggestion for next version

Started by Zeek, 3 replies

by Speedle

Balancing 0.9

Started by Andy, 16 replies

by syotos

drop system

Started by thelostcompany, 1 reply

by Andy

Impatient's Wrath

Started by Warlemming, 9 replies

by ManuWins

Balancing 0.8

Started by Nillo, 18 replies

by Zeek

Balancing 0.7

Started by Kad, 25 replies

by Andy

Balancing 0.6

Started by Andy, 2 replies

by Vasuhn