Balancing 0.9

What’s OP and needs a nerf, what needs to be buffed? Your balancing suggestions for version 0.9!

Hi Andy! First forum post (I posted on the website one or twice already). I'm gonna complain a bit, so let me tell you first that I love the game, I love the fact that you communicate so much with the players, and the frequent updates. I love TD (never tried YouTD tho), and Mazebert TD is one of the best I played. This being said, I have a lot of comments on the new update! (good and bad ones). The new towers: Scarface: absolutely destroy the mass and normal wave, but fails really hard against bosses. I'm not sure with the shots in a row: does it stop when one of the shot fail? Or does it try for all the shots (not sure if I'm clear: let's say it's level 40, so I can potentially shot 4 times. If the second shot fails, will it try the 3rd and 4th?). Mr. Iron, his special is amazing, it's really an interesting and innovative idea! The fact that the cool-down is 90 sec balances it pretty well, but I feel it prevents him from being a carrier. As was pointed out by someone else, it makes him an awesome support tower though. I guess your idea was to introduce the possibility of having two main towers with this one right? I didn't managed yet to have him powerful enough to do that. A few comments on the towers: - You can 'absorb' a wedding ring and its effect his still active. I don't know if it will still be active if you remove it from the other tower and put it again (It will broke the marriage, and I'm not sure if they will get married again). - The special cards effects are still active after absorption (You get the bonus from unrelenting force for instance) , but I didn't find that the set effects were still active. - his range, attack speed and attack value really make him a better support tower than main - My feeling is that he would really shine with the previous 2000 waves mode. With the current one, it's really difficult to make him strong enough before you hit the last waves. Miss Jilly: awesome. However it seems that all the challenge waves, and all the waves in the endless mode are counted as bosses. Is that right? That limits her usefulness. Irish pub: not comment, interesting addition. Transmutation: I love it, it's much more convenient and faster than the cube, and it provides more strategies thanks to the transmutation of towers as well. Only issue is that the transmutation of potions is really not worth it. The combined effect of 4 smaller potions is higher than a normal, so it's really not worth transmuting. Maybe transmuting 2 potions instead of 4? Impatience Wrath: amazing! It brings new ways of playing. I found out that the effect is accumulated on every towers that wear the set. If I take out the set and put it on another tower, she will also benefit from the effect accumulated from the beginning, but it will be removed from the first tower. Only issue is that you cannot increase the effect in endless mode, as there is no wave anymore. The set doesn't work well with time based tower, like the bear, the evil monkey and so on, as you have to skip waves to benefits as much from the set. Endless mode: I'm not too sure about this. The idea is interesting, but I feel like that the endless mode arrives way too soon. I'd like to be able to go to wave 500 before starting the endless mode, as it will give me time to build a really strong game before starting the mayem. Also, I don't know if I didn't manage to survive long enough (350 sec at most I think), but the xp reward is way too small. It should at least scale every minute (so 100 xp for the first minute, than 200 xp, and so on). Also, a few built revolving around time doesn't not work really well: like the bear trapper for instance. As you cannot wait between wave for him to set his trap, his efficiency decrease. Also, as there is no drops whatsoever anymore, unless you have towers that scale passively (shadow, muli, the bear), all the others are stuck at their current power. The difficulty increase really crazily in endless mode, I think you should still keep the drop, to leave us a chance to survive for a few dozens of minute. It's really frustrating to spend one hour on a built, just to be wiped out in 200 secs. Another point, with the 2000 waves, it was much easier to get xp. Not it's really really tedious. So either increase the xp during the 200 waves, or increase during the endless mode. a few other random comments: - Did you decrease the drop rate (of everything)? On the 4 runs I did since the update, either I was really unlucky, or you decreased the drop rate. It really culminated on my last run (and it's reeeaaally frustrating). I had really the worst game ever. A few summary (died in endless mode at 105 sec): no painkiller drop, no soul flask, no essence of wisdom, no specter of time, no mummy bandage drop, the reaver dropped on wave 200 (yes, really), excalibur on wave 190, helm on wave 150, all the drops around 50 to 100 waves happened way later. I got maybe one or two great water and great potions. To say that I was raging at the end of the game is an understatement. If I was 'just' unlucky, maybe you should make sure that all the special items and potions have a probability of dropping of 1 on the 200 waves, because spending a lot of time building carefully towers for 1 hour and being screwed by a terrible RGN is not fun at all. - Possible bug or nerf? The interest is capped at 1M? It was the case for my last built. I planned on getting rich to use the satellite, as I felt it's the most powerful tower, and the best solution for the endless mode, but the interest was capped at 1M, even though I had 60 millions gold and 15 money bins. Is it normal? Obviously if it's a nerf, it greatly reduce the interest of the satellite. - Last but not least: is there a way to donate toward the game? I love the fact that it's really free, so I'd like to help toward the development of the game with a few bucks. You should maybe integrate a donation button in game? Anyway, keep up the great work!

Hi Iteuop, welcome on board! Thanks for the heads up. Below my comments to your findings and suggestions! @Scarface: Yes, right now he stops trying after the first fail. Right now I have the feeling this tower needs a buff - at least from the feedback returned by the community so far. changing that calculation and boosting his damage a little might be an elegant option for a buff. @Mr Iron In version 0.9.1 I released on Sunday his construct ability was fixed, so that similiar items stack properly! Got a lot stronger by that (you can reach astronomic multicrits with him now). Yes, set boni are not taken into account right now after constructing them into the suit. That was by intention, but doesn't really translate for the player right now.. @Mrs Jilly I calculated her chance bonus wrong (was stuck at 1%), so that got fixed in 0.9.1, too. Interesting carry! @Potions Good call on that, you're right. At the moment I did never transmute a single potion card :-D Except for testing and debugging... Good idea to lower the amount for a recipe there! @Endless mode Will do a special poll and write-up for that one soon! @Drop rate I didn't touch the drop rate. I figure you just had bad luck in those games. Actually I got a comment bout the release asking if I increased drop rate :-D I agree, sometimes the RNG can be a pain in the ass. Maybe we need some smart drop 2.0 system like in D3? @Money Bins & Interest Yep, that was a slight nerf of the Satellite strategy, otherwise this guy would have owned the bonus round :-) How much gold were you able to aquire? Did the Satellite get to some decent damage? @Finally, donations Currently not. However I got this questions asked a few times now already and might consider this in a future version. Small, optional donations, like 'a beer for the dev', but no in app purchase stuff whatsoever. Cheers :-) Andy

A few thoughts on the recent update. -Jilly ftw. She annihilates mass challenge mobs like they are nothing. -Irish Pub is a great addition to the supporting family. -I find Scarface a little weak to put up an one man show. Maybe we can increase damage as creeps get closer/farther from the tower. -Mr Iron is physically unfortunate, but its unique effect opens up a wide range of play styles. As Iteuop pointed out, He needs time to shine, so it could be too "slow" for some players. -I don't feel much of a change in drop rate but I do find that most of the unique items do not come until after level 170. -Lastly, the bonus rounds. The Bonus rounds is good but I thought we could have kept the old game mode. Perhaps an option to choose game mode?

Hi all, I just started playing this game and I want to say first off, well done. I am having a lot of fun playing it so far. the biggest props I have to give are that it's not too easy, rather it gets pretty hard. From a new player standpoint, the first thing I noticed is about the "yellow" cards. So far in my experience I haven't gotten them out on the field earlier enough for them to do anything. It's too late for them to be strong enough to get kills, and the only way I ever level them up is with that item that randomly gives xp to nearby towers, which is nice but still slow when it's late game. I want to stress that I don't want them to just get buffed so that the game is easier, but my observation so far is that I end up not using them and transforming them because it is more beneficial. Other than that, there are obvious things that I'm sure you are developing such as larger/new levels, more towers and items, endless waves modes, etc. But in general I have to say that I really enjoy the combination of tower defense and rpg game types. Also I was thinking it might be cool to be able to pay a fee based on tower level to be able to move/switch it with a different tower. Anyway those are just some of my initial thoughts. Keep on keeping on!

Hi there! Did you try to build the yellow towers over towers you already built on the map? The twist here is, that when you replace a tower all XP, level, items, potions is passed on to the new tower! Cheers!

The Irish pub is a nice addition to the aura family, but it feels a bit underpowered (unless you've been getting a lot of attack speed potions and not many damage potions), since unlike the herb which, it doesn't effective increase proc rates or get bonus XP, and does increase the amount of overkill the tower produces. Maybe give it a small extra boost to help it along in that regard? Like a non-scaling small crit chance or damage bonus (1%?) attached to the aura? Or maybe add an active ability to it where you can buy a potion for a big chunk of money? I'm thinking 1k gold for a random potion drop on a 30 second cooldown (numbers are probably off). This would also give players something to do with their cash other than build a laser. Although that could make the herb witch a bit under powered in comparison... maybe give them both the ability, but have the witch cost less with a longer cooldown, and the pub cost more but with a shorter cooldown? Iron man: Feels like an investment in the bonus round more than an actual carry on his own right, since he takes so much time to be any good. That said, he's an excellent investment, especially once you integrate a wedding ring. Overall, a fun tower. Integrating sets is inconsistent, it seems like sometimes he retains the set bonus and other times he loses it. Balance-wise, I don't think it matters too much, but it should definitely be made more clear to the player what is going to happen to set bonuses when he integrates the items, especially for uniques (withered set). Scarface: As mentioned above, he's practically useless against bosses. Other than that, an interesting addition. One minor complaint: the graphic for his damage cone doesn't match with where the damage is being dealt. It also feels weird to have a tank firing a shotgun that has ability descriptions that make it sound like an assault rifle. I haven't tried Miss Jilly as a carry yet, but she's an interesting alternative to beavers as stun support, if you can manage to get her some levels via keys etc. Wedding rings are awesome, other than the RNG hating me and almost never giving them to me before wave 150. Or taunting me by giving me one at an early wave, but not giving me the other until wave 190. I don't remember where I saw it, but someone commented that it would be nice to see actual current proc chances for towers display in their stats, and I'd definitely second that.

One other thing that I've been noticing: the unrelenting force bonus can be maintained in the bonus round, which is awesome... but then you get a wave where there is a slow enemy right after a fast wave, and it drops. :( super sad to see your super-awesome tower suddenly doing no damage. I'm not really sure that it's balanced or not, but it would be nice if the bonus lasted long enough to actually last through those long gaps that you sometimes get in the bonus round.

Think the 3s are balanced out quite nicely. Otherwise this would become pretty OP by some time... Long range tower in the front row maybe? Miss Jilly could maybe. Wonder what happens if you manage to beef a tower throughout the entire game not losing the bonus. Could be insane :-D Looks like I have a quest here :-D

There's not much room in the map with all the new towers..been trying different things and it's annoying can't usethem all lol. The pub is cool but I don't use it I think even at 99 it doesn't even add 100 and to survive bonus round u need more then that..The Witch is better for the 2 range aura because even if damage is lower..let's say half but u can hit twice in the same amt of time..that's still 2 critical chances compared to just 1 if used the pub. I can never tell with scarface if it's good or not..The game only shows crits. I'd love to be able to see all damage done to creeps and crits be a different colour. Or at least with scarface and his cone show the main critical on the tower like normal but above the creeps display a number for the damage they took. When jelly proc goes off and the creep just dies have it say something..assassinated comes to mind but sure u can figure out a smaller word so it don't stream across the screen lol. A Dr jackal and Mr Hyde concept comes to mind when I think of Mr iron. While he's combining the items for those 90 seconds instead of doing nothing his Dr jackal stands in..maybe have it randomized his stats in a range of plus or minus 50 percent across the board. He is unstable during this time but still useable. So like his damage could up from 500 to 750 percent but his attack speed goes from 2 seconds to 3...point is he is unstable u til after the 90 seconds while consuming the items. Also bring back wave master or infinite waves instead of a bonus round. The round gets screwy...tHe towers need smart targetting...meaning why waste time chomping down a slow armored boss and let the easy 1 hit mass creeps through..i lose a lot more percent from like 30 of them passing the big guy but my towers only focus the first that entered range it seems. So let's have an infinite amt of waves where each new wave adds like .1 or 1 percent more hp armor etc so it's gradual and see who makes it the furthest. Could have it display on ladder after their level like glamrune lvl 56 ( 1453 ) Again just some thoughts

well for balancing,i think in "autosave" (whether we go to main menu or just exit using back or home button) need to do so. i figure that we exit in the middle of ongoing wave,when we resume the game,the wave restarted. It just save progress "situation" at our lastly finished wave,not the ongoing one. and what i mean "situation",it includes all cards (tower,item,and also potion). This "situation" can be exploited easily. for example,i got 4 pumpkins and 4 wet towel in my item. I transmute all of it in one ongoing wave and i got 2 ring of greed,but i hate that. so i just go to main menu before the wave finished and then resume the game,magically the item back to 4pumpkins and 4 wet towel. i myself have tried to do that several time and i could easily get impatience wrath set,and i think it just unfair. hope you would "balance" the autosave,so that reduce the huge exploitation. *and maybe you would like to edit my post to remove my example,so that not too many players know that,lol*

Hehe Bimolch thanks for reporting that. Yes I'm aware of the situation and already have tickets for 'proper' saving of progress in my backlog. Unfortunately this is a task which probably will require some days to implement properly. I really hope to finish it in version 0.10, I'm moving it from sprint to sprint since 0.8 already ^^ Fingers crossed!

you're very welcome andy :) i found one more b"exploit" related with save file : i can skip the Horseman! lol using the same trick,just press next wave while horseman running then reload (great for saving life when my main is not ready :D)

^Wow, that's a huge bug. Wish I knew about that when I was trying to play Hard. The Horseman is so difficult in Hard.

@Bimolch, I found the transmute/main menu, exploit early on, and due to that I lost items and towers I needed. If you don't know how to use it properly it's a double edged sword. However still problematic in terms of legit drop. I found out the second you mentioned but I didn't get the picture, so thanks there buddy. :D @Andy, you gotta do something about the bonus round, the very first times if you did 1400 sec it was crazy and everybody was like "Holyshit dude, how you did that?!", now somebody popped out and did 200k and he's now first or second on the rank ladder, so yeah, I think I said it all sadlol. -Also the experience thingy, bonus round = xp farm. I was stuck at 50ish before bonus round and look at me now! I'm a big fancy 90+ and still growing.. -Lastly the more I play the bonus round the more I don't want to play mazebert which sucks because there are so many things and strategy to try and the bonus round restricts the strategies a lot! It's good all you want but a lot of towers aren't viable anymore.

@jhoijhoi : lol,that's really useful,for real. even so,i still can't stand in hard,lol. i'm a bit suck in discovering some great strategy in td games :D @ManuWins : you're welcome :D but,if @Andy already resolve this bug,anyone that knew about this would be pissed off :p and i agree that bonus round going insane now. i can't ecen get to 5000! :D the whole bonus round difficulty and xp-earnings must be re-scaled

TL:DR – Shadow is to strong to be a 240 gold blue tower , needs to either have price and quality raised, or its indefinite increase in dmg needs to cap or be nerfed. I know there are many actual towers that are meant to “carry”, With the Changes to Iron man , and having wedding rings you can have 3 carry towers pretty much (potion up the ones wearing bands, and Items are for buffs for iron man over potions) but I have run into many problems with this and cannot even come close to the leaderboards because i do not use the Shadow. I have tried many combinations avoiding using the shadow and cannot compete because of the shadows Bonus DMG stacking. Towers i have tried : Frog – Its ability seemed Good and would be amazing, but i do not think its ability applied with reaver, or proporly stacked (you think at 99, and avg dmg of 1m and .1 attack would be able to destroy challenges/horsemen) but no it is not. Black widow – is an amazing tower, but seemms to just lack the “umph” needed to carry in the long run (with luck u can hit lvl 500, but not to far in challenge cus of the 1 range) Iron man – Great carry tower if you are lucky enough with Drops to feed his Never ending Lust to be 'strong', but will not fully match a shadows bonus dmg, with or with out potion consuming. Electric Chair – Very difficult tower to start with, can do good with it if it gets moving, but in the end will fall short in long run. Scarecrow – Could be an amazing tower if built in the back on a genesha, otherwise again like the chair difficult to get going because of slow atk speed.and in the end fall short on bonus waves cus of Endless mobs and no real time to build up crows. Other towers i have not tried.- NEver tried their speed/dmg/ “skills” are not interesting. If a bonus ladder reset does occur (sadly i think if level reset to 20 happens i do not see myself playing unless other new interesting towers added), with the Knus change and Olaf i suggest a Nerf to the Shadows % dmg as well to bring it in check with other “carry” towers since i feel it is even stronger than purples (and its a blue u can roll at lvl 1!)