Huli Muli

I had Muli + 13 Huli on basic map. 9 Huli and Muli were at 99 level. All Huli were with blue mushrooms and yellow boots picked up(fully equipped only with these items). Some of Huli were under speed aura from Ironman, about +400%. Muli speed was 0.01. I faced the issue - Muli did not have bananas to attack... It just shoot bananas too much faster then it was getting from Huli. All this is related to bonus round where it was possible to get huge attack speed for Muli. Is it normal case and I just have to find a way to get more bananas per second?

Here're some tips for you: 1. Give your Hulis Impatience's Wrath set and then skip every waves. It gives you about 800% atk speed at wave 500 and you still have 2 more inventory slots. This build is good for Huli but not good for Muli (he has no free time to buy liquor) 2. Give your Muli free time, kill creeps before they get in Muli's range

Thank you for answer. 1. Yes it is not a good way for Muli. 2. Muli is a main and a single carry, noone else kills creeps.

2. I forgot there was Knux and it caught mass creeps so there was a time to relax but it is not enough.

Last game with Muli I needed 3 huli to support him. But he didn’t get that low on atk rate. But yeah impatient set is really good for this.

@gpskomsa: put in some Miss Jilly, they'll even kill more creeps than Muli It needs 3 Hulis to support 1 Muli in mid game. When you have some spare speed potions, give it to a Huli until he reaches 0.01, then 1 Huli is enough for 1 Muli

Give wedding rings to Muli and one Huli. When Muli gets to 0.01, then Huli will be at 0.02 which is usually good enough, but you usually have multiple Huli anyway. Or if you have yggdrasil, then hulis can have the branches.