RNG is frastuating at this moment

The gameplay in general is fine and amusing but when it comes to the forge it really gets annoying.. for me at least. Im level 80 now and i only have Seelensteer despite spending lots in the forge.. its frastuating getting the same items all over again.

Only have Seelenreiser? Hell, you're doing better than I am. I don't have him, the Knight hero or the Blood Demon... Grumble grumble. I do agree with you though, the RNG in this game can REALLY take the wind out of your sails. Saving up, spending tons in the Forge only to emerge with nothing new can really temper your desire to keep playing. Maybe the option to spend 300 Card Relics on weekdays in exchange for a guarantee to get a card you don't have yet would help IMMENSELY with that.

I acyually got seelenreiser twice :p lucky me i guess.. by the way, what do i get by spending 300 relics? and where i can spend it?

Black Market has a "guaranteed pick" of a Legendary Item every weekend. Check the stickied topic each weekend and if someone has bought it already, they can let you know what it is. It's slightly better than the Forge, since you can at least check to see if it's something you don't have, but even that has been annoying for some people (I was the first to check a few weekends in a row, and it was the same item EACH WEEKEND. Wasted 600 Card Relics...)

For this release it is too late, but I agree with you that the situation needs to be improved. I kind of like the concept the used in Hearthstone.. There you get a different currency for trading duplicate cards. And with enough of that currency you can craft any card in the game. So you'd have RNG on the one hand, but eventually you can directly get the cards you might still need. Not sure how good this would apply to Mazebert, though. I'm totally open for any other suggestion as well! :-)

I'd be totally ok with something similar to Hearthstone. Maybe you get lucky on the RNG, but even if your luck is terrible you still can make progress towards a guaranteed item eventually.

Only thing I would add in to that though is not to follow Hearthstone TOO closely. You can definitely feel Hearthstone's Free-to-Play nonsense when it comes to crafting (To craft one non-gold Legendary in that game takes two-hundred and forty card recycles). Still, sounds like a good solution.

Its impossible to craft new cards with the turn in rate currently. Its way worse than Hearthstone crafting. Hearthstone gives out several free packs a week (tavern brawl, events, watch a friend etc) And each pack contains several cards with a guaranteed rare or better. Mazebert is one card a roll with no rarity guarantee. And you need to beat golden grounds which is flat impossible with bad rolls which means that you cant craft the cards you need to beat it in the first place. I have been doing the daily quests for several months now and have 20k survival times and a player level of 82 but have no chance at golden grounds because of horrible RNG. The last like 20 rolls I have done have been common duplicates . . . and half my other cards are black forge items when I dont even own the black forge golden . . .