Solara rework

Hello Andy. You know that Solara is one of my favorite towers but its utterly useless and weak compared to about every other tower in the game. At least before the endgame (close to bonusrounds) So why is Solara a "wasted" tower for early and midgame? #1 It lacks DIRECT DMG. It deals the big portion of the dmg as a DOT. Which means, it keeps on hittin until the enemy is dead, even if you could kill him 5 times with the DOT. #2 Targeting system. Well, more or less like #1. Other source why its bad for starting/early but same effect. #3 AOE of 1 is useless 90% of the time. Allright why is it "useless"? Because normal waves spawn with field delay of 1. Mass sometimes 2units / tile and air looks like 2 tiles between the units (at least my solara barely hits 2 air units at once). Which means even on normal waves, it barely hits. Only on Corners. But, if we think about #1 + #2 it wastes so much potential dmg... and that with a rather low base dmg. (Remember a solara on lvl 99 does 100%dmg on hit and nearly 12 times that dmg via its dot!) This are the main problems on her. I gonna post some "possible" solutions. #1 Making a new targeting system just for her (Well... DUH! too much work i agree) #2 Increase the AOE by 1 (so AOE of 2 and probably the splash dmg up to 40-45%? Well needs some balance) #3 Let Solaras DOT be done instantly on the 2nd hit (so each hit, sets the DOT timer to 8 seconds again, but the time it got reset gets instantly dealt. LEts say it burns for 1000 dmg/ second, the timer is on 6 seconds left and it got hit again, so it would reset to 8 and the missing 6000 dmg (6seconds left, each 1000dmg) would be dealt instantly. [might work on that frog too] #4 Increase the BASE DMG way up (nearly double or whatever) and decrease the DOT the same amount. So the overall dmg would be the same. It would need less hits to kill and the DOT becomes unimportant.... [dont like this idea at all, but just to be complete] Well the "solutions" do not have actual numbers in it, just some random numbers to give you an idea about what im thinking of. But right now as it is, the chance to go early Solara carry without INCREDIBLE AMOUNTS of leaking, is as good as the survival chance of an icecube in hell [and im talking about the flaming hell, not the frozen one!]. You will start leaking as soon as your dot isnt able to finish the enemy before solara can hit a 2nd time. Even normal waves, mass waves, air waves you name it.

Agreed. I really want to like Solora, because I like the concept of her, but as it stands, she is so massively outclassed by every other Darkness tower, with the exception of Twisted Novice Wizard.

I created a ticket to look into this for version 1.2!

Thanks Andy!