Bonus Tile

I love the idea and wish i had thought of it aswell for my map suggestion as well! now to the other point about the tiles the +1 is nice , (and the new spot for the 2nd further back tile is on the map and not off is much better than original) butttt is there a way to make it so the tiles are really Random each game (and maby add 1 to other map?), or for the one tile that is already 1 spot away from the 'maze' making the 1 range (and even 2) not so 'great' bonus, but add maby damage , or crit damage (for better scaling late game than Attack speed/ crit chance both nulled past 200, or have those for a boost early game) or have on both tiles? or have it have random bonus's that could be again random each game creation.

I didn't want to make the tile bonus random. The problem with that would be, that as soon as you start with a random map layout you don't like, you would start a new game, until you got a nice layout. Also, the bonus round scores wouldn't be that fair to compare anymore.

looking at it that way true, but what if after round X tile 3 opens up at a specific spot?