DoL Tower Balance Discussion

Wolves are strong, especially in multiplayer when both players can use them. Maybe they are okay as they are now. They require a lot of investment to work, and they aren't very strong without that large investment. It might make sense to reduce the pack xp gain to 0.8 or 0.9. Or maybe reduce the crit damage percent to 1.5% per pack level. Although, I fear these changes would be too hard on solo-play. The other option would be to make the pack only count the top 20 members? Getting rid of the wolf cloak double counting would also be a step in the right direction. Electric chair is hard to use early on because it has a slow attack speed for its small range. I don't know if reducing its attack delay to 2.0 seconds would work. I think the damage would need to be similarly reduced to compensate. The increased chaining proposed in beta would help him be more powerful, but would not help with fast boss units that move out of his range before he can attack again. Scarface feels pretty weak when you switch to him, and he already has a very high base chance to burst. I think he would be a more satisfying tower to use with a higher base damage and a lower chance to burst. Perhaps +20-50% base damage and 20% + 0.2%/level to burst. This would make him similar power at low level and stats, but stronger with additional luck. Level 99 Scarface would need 100% bonus luck to reach 80% burst chance, compared to 33% bonus luck currently. Herb Witch and Irish Pub have very low level scaling. I think their 0.5%/level could easily be 1%/level without being too powerful. Currently, they feel like a waste of space by mid-game. Mr. Iron - The only time I've tried to use Mr. Iron this season, I had trouble finding items for him to construct with. So many of the drops were set items. I don't know if there's a way to allow him to eat set items without making him too powerful. Some stats you don't want him to have unlimited access to, e.g. armor piercing from dried cactus. Although, he was reasonably powerful even without the set items, but not as much as he was last season before the new set. There are other towers that could be mentioned, but Andy has already proposed changes for those in the beta news posts.

Rly cloaked wolves are a thing? That’s a bug in my book. Generally I would say the analysis is solid. The proposed changes seem reasonable, but need to be analyzed more to be sure. Also I didn’t play Scarface but I would have thought that demon blade would be quite good on him. I think with a bit of luck and planning he could get around triple dmg from it.( this is just from the top of my head might be wrong)

Cloaked wolves are a thing. Do the Roar reported the bug in late 2018 or early 2019 and it got put on the long to-do list. I brought it to Andy's attention again recently and he said he would plan on fixing it soon -- it seemed like he meant by 2.1 - the end of the season. Scarface with blood demon blade is strong, but the proposed change won't change the power of that build. A slight increase in base damage is nothing compared to the sword's bonus. Max chance on anything in Mazebert is 80% (from what I've heard). This means that scarface can get an average of 5x more damage: formula = 1/(1 - chance). With Lucien, luck gets two rolls, basically squaring this bonus to 25x damage. That is very strong, especially when combined with blood demon blade or Lucifer blade through the Lucifer sword bug. And even stronger with stonecutter temple. Lowering the burst chance would actually slightly nerf this build since it would require more than just an essence of luck to max his burst chance. @Kami - "he could get tripple around triple from it." -- What do you mean by this? Are you on the Mazebert Discord?

Nope not on discord. Maybe I will join there sometime dunno... I fixed the sentence I meant he could triple the damage with demon blade on lvl 99. And i did not argue against the chance just wanted to state that I think Scarface is not that bad at least in my head.

Oh, I see what you meant now. I've seen demon blades with ~1200 damage or so. That was using yggdrasil and wedding rings to give soul flask to seven level 99 towers, I think. That is a huge investment, but that's also a very super powerful scarface. His normal level 99 damage is 246, so that's about 6x damage from demon blade. Dang, that's probably the most powerful build option in the game: 25x from Lucien, 6x from blood demon, 10-20x from stonecutter. Although, you destroy your yggdrasil so you can't abuse the current yggdrasil bugs. Welcome to Discord.

Actually I would say knux is OP. While you can make it work without her(IF you get spectre cape, because cactus is borderline useless currently), you will never perform as good. She might be the single most OP asset in the game in regard to mid and late game. She is a flat multiplier on dmg with a value of 12 at the end of bonus round. (1000 waves mean armor reduces dmg by a factor of 6 and with knux you get double dmg instead). Just for placing a tower. Getting the stacks is easy. You might miss out on some on-kill skills but that is not that bad imho. So I say knux has to be nerfed hard and the armor system adjusted. Because having her or not is the most essential part for dealing dmg on Vir.

That is true. What if knusperhexe have only 0.2 penetration per creep? That would still be good, but you'd need to work hard to get enough stacks to get to negative armor. Or maybe 0.3 penetration per stack and reduce her chance to eat mass creeps? Edit: In my last 500 wave game, I estimate there were 5000 to 10000 creeps available for knusperhexe to eat. 500 eaten at 0.2 penetration per creep, that gives 1000 armor reduction, which is good. If that nerf seems like too much, then maybe use 0.25 with eat chance of 10% + 0.2% per level. The base armor reduction could also be increased to make the tower stronger when first built. I think the final stats should be: Chance to eat: 15% + 0.2%/level Armor reduction: 20 + 0.2/creep eaten. If armor reduction is an integer, you could always do 20 + 1 per 5 creeps eaten.