Balancing 0.6

What's OP and needs a nerf, what needs to be buffed? Your balancing suggestions for version 0.6!

I find Knusperhexe killing masses a loooooooot more often than I should have been intended, like from 3 to even 7-8 creeps at time. Most of the time when try different carry towers, I find the weakest ones are the low-range ones (especially 1), whereas longer range towers can be useful way longer with the same item drop luck and support towers. I know it will be better with tower variety but right now the best towers to use as utility space filler are beaver (for the stun useful even at level 1) and the witch (for her insane 20% speed). Tried several games with scarecrow : it's a very nice carry indeed. But not too broken because it's very strong on boss waves, but can often leak masses. Muli, Evil twin is nice, the bounty reduction is a good drawback as it can gain crazy amount of crit if played early but maybe too easy to fill with bananas with one or two attackspeed buffed hulis. We definitely more male/female and tower category/damage synergy with items and other towers !

Masses are wayssss to easy with knusperhexe, thats why u can win a game with scarecrow as a carry! I think scarecrow should get a slight nerfe on crits for saved attacks. This way he doesnt onehit every boss :) Knusperhexes ability should be nerfed quiet hard!