Something from my Evernote.

I like this game! And here something from my Evernote bookmark.. Sorry for my English) 1. Exp gain. Per d done. To gain 99 lvl deal 1 000 000 damage...  Or 2b or even 1t... Dreaming about wolf pact... Now they just usless.. 2. Holgar find only 1 bottle per wave with chance increasing by lvl and luck... like normal tower drop... 3. Limited as! tower with base as 1 sec  can reach only 0.2. Sniper 5 ->  1. 4. DPS stat on towers. Av. hit it's godlike stat. Srsly i like it! But  1k hit with 0.5 sec or 0.9k with 0.4 sec? Easy to calculate but it takes time... 5. Time set... -> berserker wrath. 1 item: -50 % ad +1% as per hit up to 500% 2 item: -50 % as +1% ad per hit up to 500% set bonus: stacks per hit up to 5 cri mult, 50 cri chance and 500 cri damage. Booth items purple... probably... Here is musthave items.... set... equip & click skip to win.... 6. Some workplace! Players with lvl >70 unlock consructor. Where he can create own cards and send ur site. All other comment, put fingers. Then best must be ballanced & "Hello, world!" One head is good, but thousand is better.

Hello Speedle, a little response. I will start in a different order though. #6 No need for such an Wizard Ability. On the Forum there is a whole section for Card-Ideas. Andy does keep track of them (even though not always responding, due to time issues ^^), but the community does discuss cards there and do the rough balancing for Andy. Final decision is always in Andys hand ;). #5 The set might be too strong compared to other Items Sets. Just by using your set you gain *5dmg from speed, *5dmg from damage bonus, *5 from multicrit and *5 from critdamage. Which would be 625 times damage from your items (well, if you always have crits with maximum MC.) #4 Well, The cards do have a limited space to work on ^^ There are many stats on it already and well, like you said, you can calculate the exact DPS yourself. But in the end its normally like this: You onehit creeps? Go for speed. You need multiple hits for normal creeps? Go for more damage ;) no need for DPS here xD #3 The problem with that is, that in the end every tower can be used as a carry throughout the game (yes, some towers get much better Bonus Round results...) and with a cap on the attacks like you suggest (Can increase the speed by a maximum of 500%, was your idea), about all slower towers will be rendered useless. The Majority here uses faster Towers anyway (Shadow, Scarface is decent too, Ripper probably, Electric Chair....), which means you can delete slow towers. #2 Balancing Holgar is quite difficoult. On the one Hand, it is increadible reliant on your luck with items/rerolls and the choice of your hero. He would still be a medium/good early/mid Carry but thats it then. I think he will set on dust, since there are better options to generate items/potions etc then Holgar, since he DOES need a decent amount of luck to work out good. #1 First off: Wolfpack does not suck. They are incredible! No they are not meant to lategame carrys, but there is nothing better for newbees to start with and of course dailys (besides the money quest). The way they level up is fine too in my opinion, since you can speed it up with items etc. Though to be able to to carry later on, they would still need a change, but is that REALLY the the purpose of wolves?

Ontrose, he wrote that over a year ago, I don't think he's still kicking around... =P