DoL Light Tower Balance Discussion

After "Dawn of Light" comes "Morning of Light" - right? Anyway, below are my suggestions for balancing the Light element. This probably should've been included in my previous Tower Balance discussion post, but I guess I so rarely use Light as my main element that I totally skipped that element. I was talking with MarziPain, as he mentioned in another post, about Light element and King Arthur. It seems strange to have King Arthur as a yellow card when he's a king. There can only be one king, right? That conversation, the lack of a strong scaling Light carry, and the frustration about "upgrading" a Templar to King Arthur and seeing the dps drop led to the suggestions below. Old King Arthur gets changed to: Name: Knight of the Round Table (Or Templar Berserker) Lore: (If Berserker: It was probably his bloodlust that drove him to join the crusades.) Rarity: Rare (Yellow) Attack: Fal Damage: 33-55 (maybe a larger damage spread for Berserker) Speed: 3.5 sec Range: 2 Element: Light Gender: Random (Male/Female) Removed: True King - Excalibur Bonus Added: Weapons Master - Double bonus from non-unqiue weapon items. (If Berserker: Axe Master - Double bonus from all axe items) And King Arthur becomes: Name: King Arthur Rarity: Unique (Purple) Attack: Fal Damage: 36-84 Speed: 4 sec Range: 2 Element: Light Gender: Male Improved: True King - Gets 3x stats from Excalibur or 2x with an addition 1x at level 50-80. Improved: Reinforcement - Gets +16 per nearby Guard-type tower. And perhaps a Merlin could be added using this idea linked below. If it is Merlin, I feel like it should get an attack. Maybe something slow and powerful like Stonecutter, but less powerful and more like 5-6 second delay.

Well maybe King Arthur just gets a rename like „ blacksmith apprentice“ And gets transformed into King Arthur when he holds excalibur which will stick to him and maybe also transformed into the True Excalibur which could have some extra statts etc. Unwearing true excalibur will destroy arthus and his whole kingdom (lighttowers related to camelot which gets an extra bonus from the king and his Blade)?

I would never use it then, unless it is broken.

Well if just Arthus die and excalibur will be gone maybe? ^^

But why kill the tower? Even Lucifer only transforms when you take his sword away.

Ye but as far as i know camelot died with the King ^^