Scarecrow is OP.

At this point in balancing, I don't think there's any easier and more efficient strategy than solo carry Scarecrow. It has way too much damage output, and can solo carry easily 0-200. It's bonus round potential is limited, but for example I basically AFK'd a Scarecrow solo carry game til about 4.5k on hard 200 wave. It wrecks bosses and multis, especially with reaver. It has no weakness except the lack of an inherent growth mechanism. I don't have any ideas on how to fix it, because it was largely useless before the last balancing. The first time I beat a 200 wave it took a lot of planning and learning how the mechanics function. I worry about new players stumbling on Scarecrow and just casually cruising through. edit: Scarecrow is balanced!

I would oppose 2 arguments to your statement : 1- I think that however right you are about crow's ease to go through 200 levels of the game, Its lack of built in strengthening skill makes it close to useless as a solo Carry for a good Bonus round (the operative ",wad being of course "solo", I find it marvelous with a good old Holgar). 2- The new droprate Will, in my opinion, be in itself quite a challenge already for new comers (with low hero skills furthermore). having a crow to help them achieve their first 200 run might not be so bad... is it ?

Well, the learning curve from beating the game (200 waves) to a at least half decent bonus time is from zero to extreme... Thats the problem. The Scarecrow is a bit too safe right now. People have to blunder around a bit, just that they have to open their mind and start thinking. Thats why i liked this game so much, because it was hard, because you had to think about synergies, because it always is different and you have to agree, scarecrow as he is right now (and wolves shortly after) makes it nearly not challanging anymore. But it is hard to judge, cos if you play a while it starts to get easier and easier. I think the hardest change from other TDs is the fact, that a few towers are better then spammed towers...

You are so right Ontrose ! it gets easier and easier, we should try a game without any hero skill to really realise the difficulty for a beginner xD. Because a shadow has always been quite deadly as well, I remember I had no trouble at all beating the 200 lvls as a beginner once I understood "1 tower onyly/shadow/water of life".

The point is, it's gettin too easy ;) Basically you put a scarecrow down and get let it run without you. Is that the kind of game you like? Even wolves need some kind of managing :-P

Wolves don't need managing eventually, just to start. I accidentally left my phone on last night and woke up to a completed 300 Wave round. lol Again though, in Easy, Scarecrow is amazing - incredibly so - but if someone finds it to easy, we have those handy-dandy difficulty options. Tried him on Hard. Much different story than Easy.

Yeah in hard he starts to fall short on around 150 without getting him drunk on potions. But still, the point is, that even on easy should have to do more then place a single tower ;)

Oh, not saying it's overly fun, even on Hard. I'm just saying on Easy, I accidentally beat a game without even noticing. On Hard, I at least had to feed him, and think a little. Did a 500-rounder with him. He's still pretty amazing, even on bonus, because of how high everything scales with him. Feed him a Strength potion and you're not boosting his one attack, you're boosting his seventeen attacks. That said, given enough time Shadow, Ripper and Muli will all eventually surpass him, but for a LONG time he outperforms everyone. I would like to see him go back to his original range of 2, for what it's worth. I missed using him as a "last resort" finisher more so than the shotgun he is now.

Uhm, why is Muli in that list? Did is miss soemthin on him? It's 50 Bananas +1/tower level or somethin around that?

As per the other thread, you're confusing Huli and Muli. Huli is the Rare Nature tower, and is basically the worst. Muli is the Unique Metro tower, and can be incredible, so long as you can support the economy of his drinking.

I gotta say Scarecrow seems perfectly balanced now. still a solid solo carry but it isn't a free win. sometimes I'm just dying for the next level 14 crow. it's a much more dynamic experience when using this tower. . Good stuff!