Plasma sword

I would like to say that the new version is more challenging in mid game than before which is probably a good thing. Before I could put my phone away for quite some time and had no issues now I have to always watch out what is coming and change items or towers accordingly. But the plasma sword was quite op in mid game before and even more now as it does not fit in the scaling of the game. When the plasma drops(if it drops) then I do not have to care about the game for quite some time because it is a huge damage boost at the time. In the Long run it will be overshadowed by better choices but the mid game is quite different depending whether it drops and when it drops.

Thanks Kami! Do you think we should increase the ilvl of plasma blade, so that it drops later in the game? The current ilvl is 84.

Mhhh hard to say, I think a moderate nerf might be appropriate.( something like 10 or 12,5% per level) But I am not sure about what the best way would be.

I don‘t think that it should be nerved. In my opinion it is essential as it is



In a long game, the priority of the plasma sword become lower. So its an very good card for the mid game, if you're lucky to get it soon enough. In my opinion it shouldn't be nerved