Balancing issue, Base Damage

Hello Andy, I'm rather new here, and this is my first post. I'm from germany, so please excuse all my faults in grammar etc, hopefully its good enough to make my point clear. I like to play the newest version, with the 500 Waves on Hard. But i realized after probably 20 matches or so, that you nearly have to get the Blofield Laser later on due to his incredible base-dmg boost from gold. (i think it was about 12k base dmg or such? Guess other playes might have had WAY more). So, lets compare these with other max level towers when you hit round 500. Hitman 1-2800 (more or less, typing it from my memorys) Balu is on 3000-3500 i think. That tank thing is on 270 Iron man on 240 i think. Lets say you end up with a crit multiplyer of 7, dmg boost of 3.000% and crit dmg of 6.000%, the Blofield deals at least 4-5 times more dmg then ANY other tower. Either way, there should be a way to RAISE the base dmg of a tower (like potion with +0,01 base dmg) or rebalancing it for late game. Or do it the other way around. Cap the MAx gold for 20M, increase the upkeep of the laser (like double it, or decrease the interest later in the game), or just adjust the amount of gold/dmg . I think all the big scores on survival has been made with the Blofield. I think it shouldnt depend on a single tower, with only a single viable way to reach a good Bonus round score. I've read about a card, with lowers your life to 1, and has a sword, which adds 1 base dmg per 1 lost life. So you could have a sword with +399dmg. Since i do not have this tower/card, i dont know if it works or if it is in at all. This might make Iron man Overpowered in the end. My last iron man did hit with about 10m crits. it more then doubles the dmg and should be about 25m. Same goes for the tank. Oh scareface it is! ^^' Anyway, thats about my five cent here.

Hi Ontrose, thanks for the feedback :-) Blofeld is a good choice for long bonus survival time, that's true. His main problem there is however, that he get's weaker and weaker the longer the bonus survival takes. I think almost all top scores in the bonus survival have been done with Shadow carry atm. Some other potential candidate could be Scareface with maxed luck, or a highly buffed Mr. Iron, but right now really nothing scales with Shadow. (This is the main reason we're working on a nerf of this guy atm.) Maybe Blofeld/interest need some adjustments as well, but at least for 200 wave games the formulas are pretty good as they are already. Any other opinions on Blofeld in this version so far? I already nerfed him quite a bit in the previous version and I remember there was some kind of shitstorm afterwards, hehe. The max you can potentially get out of Blood Demon's blade is 298 if I'm not wrong (100% + 100% from wizard skill + 99% from sacrificing a lvl 99 tower). Which is quite hard to achieve, including the fact that you have to sacrifice a lvl 99 tower and a unique potion. And of course you're at sudden death with only 1% health left.

Can confirm, Shadow carry is what I used to hit the #1 ladder slot.

You forgot the Marriage. Lets say you use the Ganesha+Forge Combo married to feed the potion and you got 398 lifes if im not correct so you get 397 Bonusdmg. Not 399 that was my fault. Well, tbh i dunno how the shadow can do it in the bonus waves. He got a 250 base dmg or so, his dmg stack doesnt matter anymore. The only good thing is his projectile speed and there hitman beats him easy (drawback low base dmg). Well, probably there is somethin with that new commander unit (Abyss or such? with the +%bonus dmg for dark tower). And about Scarface, i tried to max out luck etc, works way worse for bonus rounds (at least in the 500 rounds games) then Blofield. Cant really talk about 200 wave matches. Only play that ones for to get the "Green City" Quests and such. Well, @ Baka, hwo did you do that? i know about Knusper+Abyss as combo, and of course a few Cactus for armor penetration, but it should be way worse then e.x. Solara later on, due to the batshit insane +400%+8% / level dmg stack. In Theory it should nearly onehit all stuff equipped with MReaver. I mean if you add it up it does nearly 12 times dmg on 99. Same goes with that toad. Problem on the toad is: Mreaver didnt work (at least in older vers) to deliver his poison, which just provoked absolute overkills on single targets, but since it needs time to deliver the dmg, it wastes so many attacks.

@Ontrose.. its because of shadows ability to adapt.. his Adaptations give him extra damage aside from that of his stats... then paired with M.Reaver you can get massive amounts of Adaptations from Mass Challenges and from other waves as well... what i usually do is have him wear the M.Reaver as soon as i have it.. at the end of a 500 wave game i could get as much as 13000% additional damage from his ability.. then pair it with towers like Abyss King and Knux.. you could like get an infinitely scaling damage from shadow...

Uhm, read the post again. Its not about the normal waves, be it 200 or 500. Shadow shouldnt be able to carry the BONUS waves ;) since it lacks its amplifier there. Just by Math, it cant carry you further then Solara or Knux/Abyss due to base dmg. You can get the attack to 0.1 on every tower feeding it enough pots. Solara deals 13 times its dmg on every hit on main target and 13 times 35% on the fields besides it with each hit. At least it should be way better in the long run then shadow (still not talkin about normal waves, bonus waves only)

Mass challenges generates tons of adaptations and it works well too in the bonus round utilizing the M.reaver.. I cant seem to aquire the Seelenreisser yet but with shadow carry I can go upto 3B damage in the bonus round.. Shadow rocks in the bonus rounds because of his ability to seemingly increase his damage output indefinitely through M.reaver and Abyss King... imagine if i have the Seelenreisser...

Thx for the combo adapt+m.reaver icen. I will try the strategy ;)

@Ontrose you're right! I always forget about the wedding rings combo :-)

Uhm, well ^^' Dont get me wrong, with "bonus" rounds i mean the endless units at the end not the challange rounds. Since when does Shadow benefit from his +%dmg stacks there? I mean dont they have the same Armor type as Challanges?