Impatient's Wrath

Is just broken. Seriously, this set bonus if used correctly gives +1000% Attack Speed. This turns a tonne of towers into murder machines. I’m getting bonus round runs near 2k seconds because I just place Knusperhexe at the very start with the set and the Lucky Pants, and a bunch of Jilly’s with the same at the back. My Knusperhexe had over 1000 creeps eatten and turned the bonus round into a joke. Considering you’re gonna add in Wavemaster again, the set bonus is gonna reach a new cap of +2500%. That’s just messed up, and I suggest you rebalance the set before then. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Last Train of the Day doesn’t show up very often, this game would be a joke in difficulty.

Screenshots or it didn't happen :P

Inmo set bonus must grow with each attack, like buzz buzz, but time between waves <3 sec. That will erase bonus... Solved.

It might solve it, or it could make it all the more frightening lol. Once you're at the point where the bonus round isn't dying instantly, your attack speed will go through the roof since you're getting exponential attack speed growth (more attack speed results in more attack speed).

3 sec each 30 sec. Just for reset. Or stacking up to 300% like purple bandage (3% per lvl, but 1% per hit).

Personally I think a cap would just be fine, a decent cap to justify the set but without making them basically the entire deciding force on how good a tower is. Like 500% Damage (from Unrelenting) and 500% Attack Speed from the set. Substantial, but not the current ridiculousness. If nothing else, the set should be somewhat comparable to the Mummy set, 300% Attack speed, Arpen, stacking damage on the same target.

Arm. pen.✔ A. S. ✔ A. D. ✔ 1 sec port. ✔ :)

@Speedle may i ask what arm pen is? :/

Armour penetration ^^

This is a set on a clean (no speed potion used) Jilly after 500 waves, didn't get all the seconds because sometimes I couldn't skip since my main insta killed everything.. Is this fast enough for you?