Balancing 0.8

Just going over the new changes quickly: Frozen set: Frozen water: Outside of activating 2 set and stopping the odd leaks I really can't see myself using this. The negatives just far outweigh the positives. (I mean just looking at the stats you need a frozen book and a golden coin on top of it just to get 15% attack damage which is kind of ehhh) Frozen book: Great item overall. Might even be useful on a carry since that xp gain is substantial and 15% damage is countered by potions. ---------- Frozen Heart: Seems way under budget for a rare. You basically need the crit levels of a huli or otherwise you actually lose dps. Frozen Candle: Seems okay especially on a low crit (probably a non-carry) tower. Using those 2 items together you get 5% crit and 40% critdamage which again is way under budget for 2 rare items. set bonus: 2set : Definitely useful against boss waves - so it's probably sensible to always have 1-2 frozen water around just in case. 4set : The description seemed confusing to me . So what it does is destroy all 4 set items and then give you the tower card to place as you wish. (What I thought was that it replaces the existing tower with that frost tower) Anyways the tower's slow is way too strong against boss/challenge/horsemen waves and made me lose quite a lot of health due to bad placement (which caused air waves to stack up before my carry was able to attack them). Verdict: Book Strong, Candle okay - rest really bad. 2set okay , 4set crazy. That's all I have so far.

Part 2: Withered Set: Dried Cactus: If those armor numbers on the front page are correct you'd need a target with at least 150 armor for this to be somewhat effective. So unless you are really unlucky with dps item drops or don't have Knusperhexe I can't see this item being useful. Rotten Toadstool: It's strong - if you take the time to micromanage it against fal waves. Mummy Bandages: Very powerful if leveled - probably the best item for proc based towers. 2set: Definitely helps against boss waves. 3set: this could potentially double the damage against bosses which sounds a bit too powerful Verdict: Cactus meh, Toadstool useful, Bandages crazy, 2set/3set crazy anti boss support.

Thanks Nillo for your input on the set items, very much appreciated! - The rares of the frozen set are now more valueable in 0.8.1! - The grammar is corrected :-) - The Gib summoning description should be more clear now!

I gotta get u some feedback too but well ive been quite busy in mantis as ypu know

I know! Without all those reports from you 0.8 would be only half the quality.

Does dried cacti bonus stack additively or multiplicatively? An addition bonus will give 88.4% armor ignore while a multiplicative bonus will grant 69.4% armor ignore. I did a test with a lvl 99 Balu carry holding a Blade of Darkness and an Excalibur on wave 518. Adding two more cacti actually gives more displayed damage numbers than two additional Blades of Darknesses. This is taking account of a lvl 94 Knusperhexe that has eaten 589 mass creeps. Additional testing had me replace the last Blade of Darkness with another cactus. Interestingly enough the result is much less impressive where that last Blade of Darkness is able to (somewhat) give Balu more DPS than the cactus.

The cactus reduction should be added, I think! Interesting observation about end game armor. I think a solid balance between piercing armor/raw damage sounds quite solid. Probably this ratio got out of Balance with removing the last blade?

Well if it's added then that would explain why a third one does next to nothing. Low armor doesn't really reduce damage taken by much so removing the last 11.6% just doesn't do anything. On the other hand going from 55.8% to 11.2% is huge.

Am I to understand that Knusperhexe's armor reduction takes effect after the armor reduction from cacti then?

Sounds unlikely - I mean the hexe aura affects the creeps so they should already have a lower armor value that works before the outside reduction.

So here's a few updates on what I think needs re-tuning: Knusperhexe: Becomes kind of pointless at some point -> armor needs to be reworked and the cap on her ability remove ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wolf: Elvis does about twice the damage per second so it takes a lot of leveled wolfs just to get to his level which means that in it's current state it's a pretty useless tower. So the abilities I have in mind are: Pack leader: The highest level wolf is considered pack leader and gains crit damage, crit chance based on the total levels of all pack members combined. Pack member: each pack member gains stats equal to (50% + 0.3% per level) of the pack leaders stats (that is +dmg%, crit%, chd%, atkspd%, item%) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shadow: The imbalance between insta kiling normal waves and being really weak against challenge/horemen is kind of disturbing.

Hmm, I tried a wolf build recently and made it quite nicely through the game. I know there was a version where Wolf was nerfed to the ground, but in the current release he should be a pretty decent carry option, especially for early/mid game if you are unlucky with crit potions. Also, I really need to update the changelog for 0.9, but atm I'm quite busy with real life stuff :-) Currently there are 32 issues in mantis for sprint 0.9. It's gonna be a quite big release this time!

Hmm the card still says 13-15 dmg 1.5 sec and 2% damage , 0.5% crit per level. So either I'm looking at the wrong tower info or it's just way too weak !:

Be aware that the range of Wolf was also increased from 1 -> 2, thus the reduction in damage. The 2% crit damage and 0.5% crit chance, per level of any Wolf on the map isn't too weak I think.

Hey! I have tried the first playthrough with Huli/Muli in the new version and i honestly think that 2 seconds hangover is too much. If a fast air comes it can almost fly the entire way through the maze before Muli recovers. I think that one second would be more appropriate, it will still make him worse than he was in 0.7, but not as bad as in 0.8.. Furthermore there seem to be a bug with him. Sometimes he gets 2 or 3 hangovers in a row even though there are monsters he can hit. It is like he gets a 'liquor bought' while he is hungover or just after he is recovered but before he attacks?

Hey pretz, thanks for your reporting. The Hangover bug was already reported by @kad in mantis, so I got that on my todo list already. I haven't really played with Muli yet in the latest release, are there other opinions on him being too strong now?

Muli- Personally I think Muli's +0.8% crit dmg needs to be nerfed a bit. If you are using as carry, you'll find plenty of potions to offset that. When Muli gets to about 50+, I feel that the next 100 waves are a waste. I can walk away from my phone and let them come. =/ Now as for the 2 seconds, it's perfect. I feel that is what gives the game a little suspense. Then again, if you move Muli to a different location, you might have some anxiety. Just hot-swap the helm for a few seconds. =D Problem solved. Hitman- Attack speed increased by .5, bringing it to 4.5. I find this tower useless pretty fast, due to lack of speed. I would like to implement him more in my builds.

Alright, gonna re-check muli on the next release then. There are some problems with the 2s not working correctly so I gonna put hands on him anyways. Looking forward to see how that goes :-) Regarding hitman he's actually a very strong carry, despite the 5s cooldown! For the beginning you just need a second tower to handle masses, later put messerschmidts on for masses!

Andy, I never even thought to use Hitman as a carry... Wow.. I should put a palm to my face on that one.. lol These are my next 2 carry tests: -Hitman -Baby Rabbit People seem to not like the rabbit, but I love it. The high Attack Speed + Multishot, sounds potentially promising. The only sketchy part will be the DPS and Maxing out at 3 targets for Multishot... Helm, Excalibur, and Rare Steak here I come =D