I have a problem with ghost. Trivia: I play DoL (not beta) My wizard is the -50 luck dude. I prefer starting with Wolfpack and try different things in late. The problem: ghost enemy's are way to broken for single target towers. On a mass wave, i lose about 30-50% life because of it. I know, my wizard is part of the problem, but it shouldn't be so huge in lacking hits in my opinion at all. The only way to get more hits is lucky pants stacking, which results in lacking dmg early (which kills you pretty fast) or get fast attack speed, but you also need a while for this. What are your thoughts on this?

Use Viking helm or switch to area attack towers for the ghost rounds. Tinker tower also help. The base luck bonus will be boosted after the season is over. Using a special hero, such as Sir Rodric, requires a special strategy.

In general, Ghost needs a nerf, even outside of special Heroes. As the OP said, single target towers become entirely worthless. It's a little telling when you can easily wipe a Challenge or Mass Challenge eave, yet Ghost wanders by mostly untouched.

I don’t really have a problem with ghosts. The worst would be mass ghost fast. But if you choose a hero with negative luck, it is up to you compensate.

It's pretty much every hero that struggles with them. Basically every single loss I can think was down to exclusively how many Ghost waves I hit before I could get my main attacking so frequently that it became irrelevant. I genuinely struggle to think that anyone could possibly consider Ghost to be balanced. Other negative wave traits like Armoured or Steady aren't anywhere remotely as punishing.

Ghosts are pretty easy to kill though. I think they have 50% miss chance and 50% hp and miss chance goes down with luck. And you can always swap your main to better suited tower (solara bunny scarecrow and jilly, shadow can also work) or use tinker for more luck

Some mains cannot be swapped (Unique and Legendary), and it's ridiculous that they're the ONLY wave type that requires swapping to stand a chance against. Again, they're the only wave with this issue. If this was an issue on Hard then fine, who cares. But even on Easy, this is punishingly difficult if you're running a number of main towers. They essentially make the Ripper, Hitman, Scarecrow and King Arthur utterly pointless to try and use as a main.

Hmm, I never had such problems with Ghost. Did you try to give your main some luck item(s) when Ghost was coming up? You won't need much damage for them, so it should be fine to swap a damage item for something like Lucky Pants. If you have a Viking Helmet, even better. I think it's okay that those single target carries have disadvantages. Take Phoenix for instance, he's struggling a lot with bosses. He would also require swapping to stand a chance, but it's difficult with his bonus. On the other hand he's melting Ghost creeps, cause he doesn't need to hit stuff to burn it.

I have to agree. You should change your strategy. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out but relying on a low Speed carry early game is really not what you wanna do. Swapping towers is quite part of the game.

And again I say: Swapping means slow, single target mains have literally zero chance at ever working. Literally no one will use towers like Balu or Ripper, because you'd be a complete idiot to. So just their sheer existence will completely render those towers pointless, as you'd be swapping them out. As for luck-based items, they mean swapping out fire rate items for slow towers, so things like mass ghost waves will blitz past your towers because it can't attack quickly and accurately at the same time. I get that some of you like the ridiculously punishing stuff, and if it were only so annoying on hard, I wouldn't care. But again, Ghost remains the ONLY wave that requires so much nonsense to deal with. Fast, Mass/Boss, Armour, Steady... All those can be run with a little fun challenge. Ghost is annoying. I'm basically at the point where I can't bring myself to keep playing. It's annoying to watch your efforts get completely wiped out by RNG, or forced to play a specific play style rather than try different things. Mazebert was never this restricting before.

I am frankly sorry that you feel that way but honestly the problem seems to be you not the game. The game always had towers that were useful at different times. Ripper never was a good early option for example. Tower swapping always was a good way to play early game (it is not always necessary). All I can see is a rant because you want to play a specific way that does not work. If you want to reap high benefits of Balu or ripper then you must build the preconditions that they dont lose you the game. I will not reply anymore as it seems that there is nothing more to be said that would be new.

Summary is: You dont need to swap towers over in ghostround, yoz could just exchange some items to fix the problem.

There's only two items that affect luck by default, the Heroic Mask and Lucky Pants. If you don't have those when you start having ghost waves show up (Which is rather common) you have no chance to use items to overcome Ghost. I think this is going to be my last reply here. I want to keep playing, I've been playing for years now, and happily bought all three supporter items, I loved the game. But Ghost is literally annoying enough I can't keep bringing myself to play, it's not fun. It's just too disruptive of a wave type. I hope you all have fun as I once did though.

Two things I will say: I believe the game state is more challenging now than in the last several patches. Future patches will likely be easier. In this game there are early game towers and late game towers. Jilly can't carry the late game and Ripper can't carry the early game. It's the way they are. Very few, if any, towers can carry the game start to end. Once you have enough of (attack speed and/or luck) then you can use almost any tower in the mid-to-late game, as long as it has the base stats or something to make up for them. E.g. Baby rabbit has weak base damage, but Messerschmidt's cleaver and blood demon blade could make the early game rabbit able to carry late game.