Questions about Messerschmidts Reaver

Hello guys! I've got a rather specific question right now. If Soloara hits a target it ignites all targets around them for 400% dmg over 8s/stackable. Does it work with Messerschmidts Reaver now? Another question about the reaver: Let us stick to Solara now: She basically hits one target for 100% dmg and Xtargets with 35% dmg itself. Now comes the MReaver, dealing dmg for that 100%dmg hit only or does it count all the Xtargets which had been hit for 35% dmg as single hits? I think reaver adds 50% bonus dmg on a range of 2 fields. (most likely be wrong). Would solo then deal that dmg only from its main target or does it count the initial splash as single hits? (like hitting 10 units with 35% dmg, which then would trigger 10 times 17,5 [35%*0,5] to all targets in that radius?) Same goes of course for other splash / multi target towers. Be it dandelion or the Baby rabbit. NExt thing: Does the reaver dmg count as an adittional hit? So Solara hits its main target +2 with its splash burning all 3, then reaver procs (once or multiple times... not sure here), does it ignite them a 2nd time since it stacks? Or does Hit+Reaver count as a single attack [for the units which got hit by both AOEs] How does reaver work on a tower like Scarface? Does each hit on an enemy trigger the Reaver AOE? Do Knusper and that new black tower can insta eat 10 Masscreeps with reaver? Do they share a chance [from the hit] or each of them got his own roll? Or only the Target creep got a chance to be eaten? What effect does it have on Eletric Chairs chain lightning? Reaver triggers for first hit? all 3? Oh ^^' just thought about it: My logic would dictate it like this -> Electric chair hits with its Reaver Splash -> Each hit target would send out a new bolt -> Reaver Splash -> Each hit target would send out another lightning bolt... I'm pretty sure its not like that XD never tried it though...

Yes, it works with Messerschmidt's Reaver, this was something I fixed in the 1.0 version. Splashed creeps are ignited as well, but only with the reduced splash damage. Internally, Messerschmidt's Reaver utilizes the SplashDamageAbility. It listens to the ON_PROJECTILE_DAMAGE event of a tower, which is triggered whenever a tower's projectile hits a creep (for rabbit this would be for EVERY carrot). Then, it deals the splash damage to all creeps within impact range. The splash damage itself is delivered to affected creeps and the event is delivered via the ON_DAMAGE trigger, so that there can't be any infinite recursion with the reaver ;-)

So short: It delivers the aoe in the same instance as the normal dmg, and triggers effects (Shadow's ability, poison) etc. Just to make sure, on Electric chair it would trigger once for every bounce too and every bounce would splash and have the chance to trigger Seteffects[as an AOE] (thinking about the time jump and dmg stack from that Mummy Bandage set)