Messershmidt's reaver

Hello everyone... About this item, does a set event/skill works on the splash ? According to most set's phrasing, it should. Like for the withered set (obviously the target of my question). Additional question, the withered set's event is phrased "every attack". So when missed because of a painting of solea, does an attack still has a chance to trigger the effect as "every attack" has a chance to do so ?

Effects that work on "every attack" will not work (both withered set effects...), but ones that apply when a creep is damaged (shadow adapt...) will work. I'm not 100% sure, but I think missed attacks will trigger "on attack" effects, but not "when damaged" effects.

So, just to add, the "Frozen" bonus will add in, as will it from Gib the Frozen Demon, for example, which plays in to what's above. Based on my own experience, both Beaver and Miss Jilly will not apply, however.

A whole bunch of scarfaces seems to do the trick for mass withered effect though, throw one or two lucky pants in there for them to shoot several times every attack and its actually quite effective... Didn't find better so far

Hello, like somebody aboe stated we have to differ between the used triggers -on hit (when something gets damaged) -on attack (when the animations comes) On hit effects get applied when the damage is done (MR is a on hit effect, and this can trigger more on hit effects like Shadows adaption) -On attack like Painting (it gets triggered when the animation comes) which prevents the triggering of On-Hit effects[cos you don't deal damage]. Effects on hit: Gibs slow, Withered, Frozen Set, Adaption, Solaras Burn, Stun (not sure if this works with MR, never tested with Jilly or Beaver),... (these are the ones that come to my mind right away) Effects on attack: Paintings, Pocket Thief, ... uhm ran fast out of these XD there are more just cant think about them right now... Btw, these are guesses. Some stuff might not work with each other (Electric Chair is in theory a on-hit ability with 100% chance [up to max jumps] and will trigger MR, while MR will not trigger jumps. xD Sounds more complicated then it is) I personally like to use Iron Mans to gain the maximum out of the withered Sets. Works out quite fine. If you feel lucky, try to get 4-5 Wizards around an iron man, feed the Cauldrons to your Iron man and get 2 frozen + 2 withered items on every Wizard [might put a spider in it too ^^ or a GIB or both :-P for max slow). Incredible slow and a way to make Solara rather powerful, since her burns stacks with itself. Not on Shadow class damage wise but still... a good boss killer ;) with such an setup

Stun doesn't work as a splash, no. Trust me, a Miss Jilly murdering everything in a few tiles was a dream of mine, but it doesn't work, nor does Beaver's stun effect.

Beaver, Jilly, and twisted wiz are "on attac"k skills, just checked the cards, since they don't work with MR, it does confirm your statement on the way it works ontrose... GG ^^ And thanks... And by the way, an interesting way to combine those, mass solea painting on a crow dude... Every corbeau counts as a separate attack. Makes the scientist look like a freaking idiot ^^.

Did not think about crow for that... I always went for Iron man ;) cos he could be used as supporter xD too [double attack] Your welcome, and keep asking if you have questions =) Cant answere all of them though, but i will try to XD

oh I do know the pain... And this illsutrate perfectly what I'm saying : When you have your 48 mead or so, you have to swipe 2, see if not a water of life, then drink (or swipe if it is) swipe 2 more meads, and so on... I was suggesting an automatic swipe for item x, y and z. but a swipe all would aleady be pretty nice....