Multiplayer isnt balanced

Tried my first multiplayer game and a build that would give me 70 000 sec on single gave me 400 000 seconds on multiplayer. At least the modes shouldnt share the same ladder.

I'm very aware of that! Trying to balance MP is the main thing I'm doing right now for the time after DoL. At the same time I think I made SP maybe just a tiny little bit too hard. My current plan is to make different hitpoint formulas for both. Right now I'm writing a program, that replays all submitted MP games and evaluates the possible damage output of every round (by making the creeps temporarily immortal). I hope I'll be able to compare those graphs to the current hitpoint calculations and fit a better formula for MP. Also, I'm planning to allow MP games with up to three players and for that I will change the amount of creeps for MP. Cause that's probably another reason for MP being easier. If there would be just one boss / one challenge no matter how many players, it will be much harder to defeat them. Thanks for reporting, and I'm very happy about your feedback / suggestions.

No, thank you for your brilliant game. Just wish I wasnt so bad at it compared with the time I have invested in it xD