Delevel wanted?

Hey there first of all i whould like to have an Searchfunktion for the Forum! Because i feel stupid ask Question others already asked for... So back to Topic: Im currently have a 500 Wave run with Mr. Iron running. (im sad hes Epic and cant consume all Items like he did in the past!) I feeded some Darkforge Items to him which says as an Tribute they spend like 15% of theyr EXP they get to the Force. My Mr. Iron started with lvl 99 Consuming Darkitems. Now hes lvl 89 in my Opinion that shouldnt happen. So... isit just me or isit a Bug? Edit: now hes Level 0 which make him Dealing like 17k of Damage instead of 25m+ Notes to Andy: Super Spiel! Bin schon ein paar Jahre dabei! Ist in den letzten Jahren aber bedeutend härter geworden. Es ist nicht mehr ansatzweise „so leicht“ wie es mal war... Regards MarziPain

Sounds like a bug. The 15% should not stack afaik but if you used more than 7 maybe you get negative exp. try eating school books. :D it could make it worse though. Die Dropbox Chancen und ein paar bug fixes haben das Spiel teilweise schwerer gemacht aber Yggdrasil ist zur Zeit noch ziemlich OP. Zusammen mit den ying Yang Ringen ist das Spiel ab dem Punkt ziemlich einfach.

Got currently -5816 Exp/0 on Mr. Iron. Thats quite a lot... guess that isn’t the way it should work. As i understand it should like „you get xy Exp per Kill. Since you consumed a lot Darkitems you lose a lot of Exp you now gain per kill. (Like i kill 1 Mob getting 100 Exp since i consumed one Dark Item its just 85 Exp Instead. If i consume one more its 15% of 85 and so on... so it couldnt get negative and Decrease already existing Exp / Level) [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] The beginning of leveldecrease URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] The result... Dropbox isn Asshole... im close to finish 500 Rounds and havent seen all the Stuff i whould like to... Sadly the itemchance 1760% And quality 1530% isnt enough to get em all... :( Yeh Yggdrasil is Awesome but Handy if i keep Potions till i could use him... Naja... du hast schon 2-3 Level mehr also auch in Skills etc. ich finde es aktuell auf Leicht schon knackig... (teilweise)

Hey, that's a tough one. The dark items work indepentent of each other and simply remove 15% of the amount of xp gained from total xp. So on mr iron this can indeed become negative pretty fast, resulting in deleveling as you experienced. Unfortunately this is not that easy to fix.. The easiest fix I can think of is to prevent mr iron from integrating dark items in his armor. Danke für dein Feedback, freut mich riesig! Das nächste Update wird ein paar Tower Buffs mit sich bringen, aber ja mit den Drops bin ich grade auch nicht 100% zufrieden. Vor allem die vielen Items machen es mittlerweile etwas unübersichtlich.

Hey thanks for the fast answer! :) I guess prevent of using darkitems for mr iron is no solution in long term. Isit really that hard? Sounds like simple maths to me ^^ Like interest and compound interest negated... just the Opposite. What about a skill which lets choose 1 Item we badly want 1-10 points required 10 is a Legend of our choice, 8-9 is an Epic.... and so on. Or something like an encounter which increase dropability dramaticaly. Like every 50 Level a guaranteed epic or higher.

There is also a discussion about drops and early builds here Below is my typical build so if you want to find out yourself what works so nit read. My favorite is shadow mane only nature with solara via the skill tell you have enough wolves out to go for Wolf main. With a bit of luck and wits this is fairly doable. And you get the essential towers quite easy ( manitou Ganesha Yggdrasil) as there are only 4 purple towers in the pool. If you go for 400+ waves take darkness potion after you got your build out. Then get knux and dark forge. Rest is up to you.

Tjanks for the suggestion and advise. Ill give it a shot later one! :) I like to start with metro since the early income from pocketthief <3 Also, du nimmst Nature only, über den Skill holst du dir Solara als Carry und setzt derweil voll auf Wölfe? Wie / wo platzierst du deinen Carry und deinen Main? Funktioniert der Build auf jeder Map? Hab die dritte und vierte noch nicht freigespielt... mir hat die Motivation bisher gefehlt ^^

Yggdrasil (carry) ist Geschmacksache aber normalerweise brauche ich den nur für den endboss. Main ist bei mir meistens im achter Block 2ter von links obere Reihe. Erste map. Wenn solara 40% speed hat kann die Bosse dann 5 mal angreifen. Bei der dol map hab ich fallen Lucifer per skill geholt und am Anfang direkt beim spawn gebaut. Ist zwar bug abuse aber hey....