Mr Iron VS Dark Forge

I merged a few items created by the dark forge into Mr Iron, and it started to loose XP,to the point of getting negative taking Mr Iron back to level 0

I dont think that's a bug exactly. You lose 15% of xp for the dark forge per item. 10 items is just 150% or negative 50% xp

Well going negative could be classified as a bug, as it is not expected.

Im with Kami the Text is: „When the carrier gains experience, 15% of it is lost as a Tribute to the Forge“ So it shouldnt touch already gotten exp. I already told Andy about he was like: „Well then, make Iron cant merge those Items“ In my opinion that isnt the right way and it shouldnt go negative as well...

I can see that side of it. But also knowing that the one dark sword that's like excalibur does actually drain xp every few seconds so negative xp item does exist. I think that if you were to cap xp loss at 100% it would still be a bit over powered being able to fuse 40+ dark items without any serious consequences. But that's coming from someone who never uses iron man. I guess I just always saw dark items as a double edged sword and accepted the way it was and laughed when my iron man kept down leveling

I think the way to go is pick Osmo hero, get the -25% bonus xp from that, then combine it with Useless machine, that gives -80% bonus xp. Together, you have -105% bonus xp. Since the item works by subtracting xp each time you gain xp, this should block the dark item negative effect. Example: Currently you wear a few dark items and it looks like this: Gain 1 xp. Each dark item then says, ok, I will steal 15% of that. So they take 0.15 per dark item. 7 or more and you are losing xp overall. However, if you have -105% bonus xp gain, then the net xp is -5% xp. This means every time you would try to get xp, the game will probably give you 0 xp, and the dark items will take 15% of 0 xp, which is also 0. There's a small chance the gain will let you lose xp with useless machine and Osmo, but I doubt it. If the game does let you lose xp, then stack a bunch of dark items to give your Mr. Iron lots of xp. However, remember that all xp he gains from dark items would be stolen from Dark Forge.

The negative experience kept happening even after I consumed the black forge to restore hit points.

Yepp xD i know that.

No fix coming up for this? 😭

A statement of Andi is found here https://mazebert.com/forum/bugs/delevel-wanted--id1281/