Skill points not awarded

I just finished the bonus level with 500% health remaining after vir was gone, on normal difficulty (first time) and my wizard leveled up 8 levels. The only problem is that when I started a new game there was no additional skill points to be used. I noticed the same problem before on easy difficulty on a few games I completed but I was assuming I didn't get enough XP to level up, and it's not the case

Thank you for reporting and sorry about it! I've deployed a fix this morning and added all your missing XP. https://mazebert.com/forum/news/missing-xp-fixed--id1318/


Just realized i was affected by this bug xD

Got a question though, how can you guys have the bonus time so long if vir cannot be, killed, slowed down or stunned? Once he reaches the end, it's done

Its the Damage you deal how more damage you deal till hes gone so more time you get