yin but no yang if discovered by new toilet paper item

Literally had to quit game that I had been playing for over an hour because I got yin ring but no corresponding yang. The new toilet paper is a cool idea, but still buggy. Also, it should give half a purple worth of credit if you transmute it when you have no legendaries left to get.

Heya, you can resume your game the second ring is still possible to drop. https://mazebert.com/forum/bugs/one-ring--id1274/ Good point with tp being the last item. Gonna put it on my todo list.

Another option would be to give card dust potions. They are also "unique" class cards.

In the end you realize toilet paper is worthless.. Could also be a feature, eh?

Okay i feel like this is pretty much intended. But in the same way the item should be removed after the corona crisis. The joke will be lost 2 then.😅

Should insert a Note then: only the survivors will know the irony.

I feel like it's fine to keep the item even after the coronavirus situation is over. I'm sure it will persist in other pop-culture for quite some time. If it is deemed too powerful, then maybe it could only provide 1-2 items. Even at a single unique item, the item would offer the Jilly effect or it could be rerolled for another unique item. Still decent at that point. If the joke does get too old, then it could be moved from unique to legendary to reduce it's frequency. Or removed entirely, but I don't like seeing content go.

I had that happening to me twice, but I didn't quit the game and eventually both rings dropped again. So you can pretty much guess what I tried next... Yeah, the game crashes

Just wait for other one.

No just transmute the single ring you got... there is no use for it...