Black market 2

Let’s start a new thread as the old one is quite long. SE.SayNo told us that it is spectral daggers. Thx for that.

This weekend it is Trident in season.

Cape in season again this week

Hydra Arrow in Dol this weekend

Roordahuizum in DoL Trident of Poseidon in Regular This Week

The Dude in Standart The useless Machine in DoL

Genderswitchpotion in Standart (Metamorphosis) And Trident of Poseidon in DoL

Mjoelnir this weekend :) My bad in previous post (DOL)

The Dude (DOL)

Genderswitchpotion in DOL

Spectral daggers in standart

Roordahuizum in DoL

Ila's Spirit of metamorphosis in Dol Same in Standart =(

Mjoelnir in standart Roordahooizum in dol

Nice one :) mjölnir is awesome! :) Keep in mind its 2 Weeks till merge :)

Spectral daggers in standart Armor of fat knight in dol!

Mjoelnir this week

roordahuizum this week

Somebody know which Card we get this week?

The useless machine this weekend

hydra arrow this weekend

Roordahuizum this week

Amor of the Fat Knight this week :-) (duplicate tt)

roordahuizum this week

mjoelnir this week

Thanks Ezio! Saved me some Shards.

Roordahuizum this week

Hydra arrow this week

The Useless Machine this week (I wrote this when I was at level 54)

Roordahuizum this weekend

This Weekend the useless machine

Hydra Arrow my friends

Trident of poseidon

This week is Mjølnir

The useless Machine this week

Roordahuizum this Weekend.

Armor of a fat knight, my friends

Spirit of metamorphosis this weekend

Spirit of Metamorphosis this weekend

Что такое то это?

Can you please write in English?

Could somebody tell me the card for this week? Thank yee 😁

Hydra arrow this weekend my friends. I'm way too impatient 🤣

Trident this week 😉


Armor of a fat knight this Weekend

Another useless machine this weekend

Necronomicon in RoC 👍

Today armor of the fat knight in roc

Roordahuizum as present in standard Merry christmas everyone

Does the black market drop different thing in season n regular? Got The Useless Machine in RoC.

Yes it does. There are even different pools.

Ila's Spirit Of Metamorphosis (Change gender potion) @ Standard Happy new year everyone

Armor of a Fat Knight (RoC) Roordahuizum (Standard)

RoC is Roordahuizum

Standard The Useless Machine

Standard Metamorphosis potion

RoC Necronomicon

Useless machine in roc according to 광견

Amor of the Fat Knight In Standard

Armor of the Fat Knight Roc The Useless Machine Standard

RoC Necronomicon

Roordahuizum Standard

RoC cthulu's soup

RoC roordahuizum.

RoC useless machine

RoC eldritch arms.... I think I'm done with RoC black market

Lla's spirit of metamorphosis(potion)

Is that in RoC or regular?

Its in RoC but idk about regular

Quick question: what is the purpose of forging/purchasing cards? I get the point of character cards since they have special abilities, but what about the others?

The final map 'Golden Grounds' only allows to play golden cards.

An other Point is the items you cant get regularly in game so you need to craft them (by lucky draw 20 Gold or by the forge up to 400 Gold.) There are plenty awesome cards you want to have! ;) Like the armor of that fat knight which grants all towers in 1 Range an additional slot. Poseidons trident which grants trippleattack. Hydraarrow which kills enemyarmor and so on... pretty much cards you want for highexp / point runs as well

RoC this we; eldrich arms

on regular; roordahuizum

roc: useless machine regular: fat armor

roc:armor of the fat knight

Roc: Cthulhu's Soup

What this weekend?

Viking horn


Fat knight armor @ blackmarket

Eldritch arms, happy weekend!!!

The useless machine

Eldritch arms this weekend

Cthulhu's Soup





Cthulhu Soup


Edrich Arms

Necronomicon(Rag nar Rog)

Rag nar Rog (the scroll)

I got cuthulu pot thingy

Cthulhu's Soup, item

skull of darkness

Cthulhu's Soup, be careful

Armor of fat knight in season Useless machine in standard

RnR - Eldritch arms

RnR Cthulhus soup

RnR - The useless machine

Standard - Eldritch Arms 02/04/2022

RnR - Rag nar Rok Prophecy

RnR - Armor of a fat knight

Std - Necronomicon 02/12/2022

RnR - Cthulhu's Soup Std - Armor of a Fat Knight 02/19/2022

Std - Cthulu's Soup I don't have enough for RnR atm.

Eldritch Arms, RNR, item

std=armor of fat knight rnr= rag nar rog

Fat knight !

Necronomicon this week

fat knights armor this we

Is neceonomicon still in droplist? Trying to get it like 2 months every week)