eziothanatos - Level 63

Level: 63
Rank: 4815
Experience: 184409
Relics: 192
Last seen 2 hours ago

Golden heroes (2/13)

1x Shadow Mane
1x Sir Littlefinger

Golden towers (9/54)

1x Adventurer
1x Dandelion
1x Miss Jilly
1x Pocket Thief
1x Electric Chair
1x Gib, the Frozen Daemon
1x Bear Hunter
1x Holgar the Horrible
1x Huli the Monkey

Golden items (19/78)

1x Dark Baby Sword
1x Gold coins
1x Norl's Guardian
1x Ring of Greed
1x School Book
1x Stressful Wristwatch
1x Wet Towel
1x Wood Axe
1x Dried Cactus
1x Heroic Cape
1x Longbow
1x Monster Teeth
1x Norl's Steel
1x Frozen Heart
1x Seven-leagues Boots
1x Unrelenting Force
1x Helm of Hades
1x Scepter of Time
1x Armor of a Fat Knight

Golden potions (4/31)

1x Small Potion of Crit
1x Small Potion of Strength
1x Potion of Speed
1x Vital Dust