I think there are some problems in the calculation of armor penetration.

Now I have survived more than 500 K seconds in the bonus round, and unfortunately the game is still not over. I want to give you some data. I didn't build Knusperhexe. Without armor penetration, my tower can do about 150 B of damage. When I equipped a Dried Cactus, the damage became 20T. When I equipped two Dried Cactus, the damage became 40T. When I equipped three Dried Cactus, the damage became 60T. When I equipped four Dried Cactus, the damage became 80T.

After 500 K seconds, with just one Dried Cactus, you can ignore almost all the armor and increase the damage by more than 100 times.So I think Dried Cactus can go beyond all items.

Hmm that doesn't sound right! Hopefully the cactus is not bugged! Could you let me know once you finished the game? I could then debug the simulation data and see what was happening there. Even if you can't I will look into the cactus code tomorrow, see if I can spot anything. Thanks for sharing!


Thank you for the replay! Can confirm, armor penetration right now is bugged. For armor penetration values < 100% everything works as expected. But it continues to buff the carriers damage when above 100%. Cactus on a level 99 tower gives ~45% armor penetration. So starting at the third Cactus you gain more armor pen than it should be possible. Will go and fix this for DoL. Probably will lower the Cactus penetration, too.

The armor penetration of cactus really needs to be reduced. It's too powerful. Cape of the Specter loses its value. In addition, I also found a problem, cactus armor penetration and Knusperhexe armor penetration will not be superimposed together, only select one of the larger values for calculation. Now it is If cactus armor penetration > Knusperhexe armor penetration, then armor penetration = cactus armor penetration If cactus armor penetrates < Knusperhexe armor, then armor penetration = Knusperhexe armor penetration I wonder if this is a mistake.

That's actually working as intended. Armor penetration only works if armor is positive. If it is negative (e.g. by Knusper) it has no effect, since there's no armor that can be penetrated.

Just a side question to this: armor pen of cape and cactus are the same? And multiple sources of armor pen just add up to max 100% now?

Yes, they add up and in general it now caps at 100%!

With this change, how many creeps does knusp need to eat so that Vir gets 0 armor? Also, the old armor formula (https://mazebert.com/forum/news/new-armor-calculation--id879/) seemed to allow for negative armor, since that's not the case anymore, has the formula been changed in any way?

I thought negative armor from knux is still possible?

So Andy, what is the Vir's armor level? Number plz! And what about negative armor from knux?

Armor can still become negative through Knusperhexe. Timelord's armor is armor of last bonus round wave + 250.

And how many waves in bonus round? Excuse me, I cannot read all forums.

As many as you manage to kill until 5k seconds are reached :-)

AD, build Balu at start of bonus round. Balu is a great cuddler and counter.

Thanks, FuzzyEuk. No problem with bonus round. I prepare for Vir :-)