Seperate accounts

Hi guys, been playing for about a week on my phone, i've downloaded the game on my pc and would like to keep my player level progress but i'm showing as back to level 1 on my pc. Any help would be appreciated, cheers.

Dude you just need to use your savecode you generate at mobile and use it on your pc :)

Its in My Wizard —> Ladder <— Sektion ;)

Sorry I should have clarified guys, I have used my save code, its logged me in i'm level 30 on mobile but still saying level 1 on pc. Not sure whats going on?

Just double checked both show the same username and save code, it just doesnt seem to be updating on the pc with my progress?

By the way thanks to the devs on this, such a fun/addictive td. Just had my pb using the ripper as my main getting to wave 150ish, will show some support soon!

You probably see your RoC season account on pc, that is still level 1. You can switch in the main menu to standard (button next to My Wizard). And thanks a lot for the heads up :-D

Ahhh thanks mate, appreciate the help!