Thoughts on bonus round boss

I love the idea that we are facing a big bad boss during bonus round. But the instant kill is a downer for me. I miss going hours on end during bonus round. Seeing my units achieve max level, my damage dealer doing insane amounts of damage. Hope we get an option to change this as this really makes the build up during the first 500 stages feel useless and now I don't have the same urge to always start from scratch. My suggestions would be to either have an option to have no vis at all, or at least add to skills the amount of damage that vis does to you when he gets through. Damage decreasing with multiple levels. Make this available to level 70s above as well. What are your thoughts?

I like Vir. He tests burst damage all at once under time pressure instead of letting your build grow forever. It's also nice that you can finish a game within a day without a problem. I am enjoying the competitive challenge of trying to figure out how to do the most damage to the boss in a limited amount of time. Before the game was about slowly killing creeps that were frozen by withered (or at least that's what most of my games ended up as). Now the game is about burst damage and making your towers work together in the best way possible. It's definitely a neat twist. Better than I expected it to be.

But the thing is Few towers are designed for a long late game. I like vir too but 5k sec is quite short for me to directly finish whole game

But i cam see even that 5k is long for most players...

Yeah, Ripper should be re-balanced or re-imagined for DoL. With the 5000 seconds bonus run length and only 1 range, he seems pretty useless with Vir. The Ripper's whole game premise is that he kills creeps before they can get by his 1 range.

See also FuzzyEuks thread about rebalancing Ripper: https://mazebert.com/forum/ideas/ripper-rework-ideas--id1217/

I am kinda puzzled by the whole ripper love. He is borderline useless except when you are abusing the withered set mechanic so creeps stay in his range ( then he can potentially grow good because of making many attacks) but this mechanic was imbalanced to begin with. Rippers growth is so small otherwise in contrast to potion farming and abyss king stacks that he is a guaranteed recycle for me.