1000b gold o_O

\(^o^)/ Finally i did it! A lot of time, patience and crazy luck was needed. Will work on a guide how to do it a little later. Have not finished this game yet... 1000b

Congratz! But damn i don't know how you do it.. i'm on my second play through on hard now and only made i to 108b.. However it is more than enough to complete the 2000 levels on hard!

i just doing my first run with this strat, it is so fun to watch :D but really crazy luck is needed... without them droping the money bin very early, there is no chance to hit those numbers, i just got to 10b after 200, due to that rng..

I notice that a pocket thief as carry with some support is really nice to start this one. As long as you dont want to build the laser yet cause it will suck your gold away till 200. With some money bins and 2 lucky pants this thief gets around 50-60 gold nearly each attack :-)

I made 4000billion.. but this was with level scumming to get money bins when i have 2k gold to put one down. I think if you do everything optimally hitting 1 trillion is possible.

7550 Billion. Yep won, it is possible to reach 1 trillion with enough patience xD Look at the pictures. Base dmg of laser is impressive. ;-)

holy fuck... how did you do that? i mean honestly, how many bins do you get? i had a a game and had every place accept for carry with bins at lvl 120, and still didnt get more than 35b...

Won and I did use the way to "scum" waves. After a wave (lets say after wave 30) if no bin is dropped, you have to quickly end the game to main menu. Then resume game and this wave starts new so you have again the chance to drop a bin. Takes a lot of time and i think andy is going to fix this in 0.9 :-) With this method you can have all money bins you need just before wave 80. And its necessary to be lvl 70 to use the deck master ability. P.S. And dont use laser before wave 200...it sucks too much gold ;)