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Verdal guide

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by JumpingEggs

viable carry towers atm

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by SilverCode

Snow globe (best tower to capture)

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by Khadgar

Newbies guide to success

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by schabe

This seasons OP Combo (500 Blood Hard, 11,879,295 seconds, 448.4 trillion average damage)

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by adioz

Wow.. Hitman carrying hard!

Started by aunt suzie, 1 reply

by Lucifer

Be Chuck Norris

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by Lucifer

Experience farming with MR Iron and Kiwi

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by Stormchaser

Normal 500 blood moor need advise TIA.

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by FuzzyEuk

Mr.Iron Gold sucker (Blood hard 60000sec) blofeld 27b dmg

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by DanikDranik

blood moor 500 hard 21.610 sec play with azathot

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by CptJguz

Tips and tricks

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by Kami

Holgar the horrible

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A few questions

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Play on multiple devices

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by Mr. Joshua

Need Help With Nature/Metro plz

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Blood Moor 500 Hard 13088 bonus

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by Marzipain

Blood easy 500 wave, 3749 sec bonus round

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by Jeffrycp

EAZY 500 waves, 2312 sec bonus round

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by sinsly

300 waves easy

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by Bemyfr1end

300 waves, 375 bonus round, Miss jilly with Toilet paper)

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by pooli

Finally pass wave 200 , some tips may help u all ( im noob)

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by Kami

Еasy strategies for beginners!

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by jhhn,

Metamorphosis Potion

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by FuzzyEuk

Help- maybe i can help you lol

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by Marzipain

Death wall during bonus rounds (may cause game freeze)

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by wonder

interesting guide to leveling Dark forge

Started by Obloc, 14 replies

by Kami

A Guide to Tower Typeage & their Placement

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by Marzipain

My rank 9 (at the time) ladder run breakdown.

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by R

Best Tower for timelord?

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by Galdrafadr

how he did it???

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1m seconds bonus round

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by Impulsive Rocket

Trouble in Bonus Round? Blame Andy!

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by OnlyZero

Shattered Plains

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by Schneidz

Golden Grounds

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by Shanlung

Bonus round

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by dark

Best item setup for main? And secondary?

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by wonder

Mölnir the ultimate support item?

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by wonder

Blood demon blade

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by UnkinD

Posadzki z ?ywic

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by enylaz

The Ripper compared to Shadow

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by Romeo

Dazed & Confused - Very willing

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by CBS Sama

Withered Set Question

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Tips for efficient game

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by Hoid

Which potion is best?

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by Kami

Shadow Help

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Adaption question??

Started by Invoker, 9 replies

by Jarecv

Skills and strategy

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by Poiuyz

More Maps, or Map Sharing

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by Romeo

Ability splash

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Question about Mr.iron

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by Invoker

Strategy for Hard 15500 seconds after the 500 waves. Video

Started by bakzzz, 3 replies

by renson

Can anyone check my Setup?

Started by malrorek, 3 replies

by Psi

Crazy Muli Delay Strategy (Crazy doesn't really mean good)

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by Evan

Seriously, Newbie Guide, especially after last update?

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by Romeo

How to get frozen daemon?

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by bakzzz


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by artifice

Guide for hard mode

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by Eihan

I am stumped!

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by Romeo

Longest bonus round survival?

Started by Andy, 115 replies

by Sarore

Shadow, not as OP as everyone says it is?

Started by Pobster, 8 replies

by Romeo

The Dude's hidden quest

Started by Trite, 3 replies

by Kami

Knusperhexe, worth it over long term use?

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by Romeo

Tower replace

Started by Chris, 2 replies

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New legendaries, any use?

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wolf pack strat

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by Romeo

Early game placement

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by TheMarine

Hard mode a bit TOO hard now?

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by gibby8998

what are the secret quests?

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by t4c1

My Newbie Guide

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by joemama1512

hard mode

Started by Leotardis, 4 replies

by joemama1512

Beginner's Guide to Time Travel: How to "beat" the Bonus Round (record 3746sec)

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by joemama1512

Tower Advice

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by Leotardis

What is the effect of Luck Points?

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by Leotardis

Is it my level, or is it me?

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bonus rd

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by demacus

Golden ground

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by demacus

Luck cap/ item chance cap/armor in higher levels ?

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by Norvask

map of maps+air paths

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by Norvask


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suggestions for gold cards

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by Vasuhn

Ganesha 99 and Dark Forge

Started by Wilbur, 2 replies

by Norvask

andy got a qiestion

Started by weebles, 8 replies

by Rahler

Any Comments on my Tower Placement V 0.10.1

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by malrorek

Survival Mode, 0.9.3

Started by Jarecv, 2 replies

by Daniel

Personnal ranking of tower 0.9.3vers

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by Sarore

General Placement strategy

Started by Nillo, 22 replies

by BimoIch

Mr. Iron, the ultimate support?

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by syotos

17 Trillion Gold

Started by BombDigie, 1 reply

by Zeek

How do i get the Frozen demon tower?

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by ManuWins

1000b gold o_O

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by Cupido

i give up

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Hitting the 100b

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Some tips for new players

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by Obloc

Gib Combo

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by Andy

XP Farming

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by Nektagil

early game

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by Kad

Dealing with Horseman Of The Apocalyspe

Started by HorsemanMaze, 3 replies

by Nillo

Basic guide on towers

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by Kad

Item summary

Started by Nillo, 4 replies

by DerpMinh

Favourite Carry

Started by Tearian, 4 replies

by Nillo

Beat the Game

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by Grunky