Which potion is best?

Hello fellow TD addicts. Question to ponder for ultra late gamers. Dont seem to have new updates for awhile. So just wondering for quite some time now. Which potion is better? 40% crit dmg or 20% dmg? Anyone knows how dmg and crit dmg gets multiplied through multi crit? For instance multi crit of 7 (easily achieved) does the same multiplier effect work? 20%*7 = 140% vs 40%*7 = 280%? This was my own understanding so i favour crit pots =) Time to think! Cheers to the game that we will never delete

I think crit damage is additional to base damage, so when crit procs the crit damage gets added to your normal damage. In late games when crit chance is ridiculously high so the damage in late games is crit damage. So while in late game I only use crit potions, i even transmute strength, speed and item potions. So in my opinion crit potion is better.

DMG * crit dmg * multicrit is the Formular. So regarding only potions A balanced ( same amounts of potions on both) approach is best because the procentual gain is biggest this way. But as this affected by other things it gets more complicated. Having seelenreisser skews this in favor to go all crit. Because DMG will rise on its own and crit won't keep up. Don't forget speed as its the most important when playing darkness with a good abyss. Crit and DMG potion become obsolete there. So it all depends on the circumstances. Just to clarify if newbies read this early game you want drop chance potions.

Still seems to favor crit pots then. Any other opinions? Some useful stats i have calculated. For 100% crit except ripper: Multicrit (MC) 8 - 600% crit chance needed Mc 9 750% Mc 10 950% Mc 11 1200% Mc 12 1500%. Max speed stats: Shadow 1s = 2760% (0.03s min) Scarecrow 3s = 8500% Knux 2.4s = 6800% So once u capped speed pots throw into crit!

Shadow max speed is at about 2860%. I am there at the moment. It depends if your crit is more than double than DMG . DMG pot is better.

Hm, your calculation look so different to mine.
multicrit	%crit chance need
1		100
2		125
3		156
4		195
5		244
6		305
7		381
8		477
9		596
10		745
11		931
12		1164
13		1455
14		1819
15		2274
16		2842
17		3553
18		4441
19		5551
20		6939

He is off by 1mc

In my experience, Critical is universally better once you can guarantee a critical. A Greater Strength will boost my damage by about 100,000 no matter what on Ripper, but a Greater Critical is somewhere between 125,000 and 175,000 (Hard to pinpoint because the game starts rounding off in the millions).

The boost is bigger when the other stats are higher so its never a fixed number. For potions alone the DMG is maxed when a 2:1 ratio is being kept. Not in giving potions but in the actual stats. So as ripper boosts crit and DMG the same amount crit pots are needed to keep the balance. Even more when abyss comes into play.

Oh i didnt notice my 1st row was off! Thanks. Also gd advice on 2 : 1. Can test it out to see roughly how it goes. Anyways do you guys put schenzier on the main carry throughout? Seems like knux will start to kill more later on once it reach 99. So to get more % i tend to put on knux den swap to main when i start to leak. If i dont die b4 i notice it lol


Basically, each stat has varying importance depending on your current stats. Assuming Crit Chance is 100%, Multicrit is 1 2% Dmg = 1% Crit Dmg The higher the multicrit and corresponding crit chance, then Crit Dmg will linearly be better than flat Dmg% This does not take into consideration the Air Dmg multiplier from Longbow (which is always "=1" unless using Bear Hunter or equipping Longbow), Armor, and other tower boosts not directly related to base tower stats (Shadow's Adaptation is another multiplier, and so is the Stonecutter's membership boost to other Metropolis towers). Mr. Iron with Withered set at 0.03 attacks per second is the best early Survival carry, with Shadow in front to gain Adaptation, but within range of Mr. Iron and Knusp to make use of the damage amp and armor reduction.

Multi crit is just a multiplier. More multi crit does not change usefulness of DMG and crit dmg . and I don't see why 2dmg = 1crit dmg

Lets use an example. 100 base damage with 5 multicrit with 0 damage or crit damage modification. Eaing a 20% damage pot will give us: 100 base * 1.2 * 1 * 5 = 600 (Base) (Dmg) (crit)(mc) Eating a 40% crit pot will give us: 100 base * 1 * 1.4 * 5 = 700 Seems that crit will be too much of an adv over dmg pot which is why i started this tread.

Unless the calculations have changed, I think there's a small mathematical error in here guys. According to Andy's explanation, Multicrit affects Critical damage exclusively: https://mazebert.com/2014/02/23/multicrit/ If you look at the damage calculation, Multicrit affect the amount of times Critical Damage is applied, not the amount of times total damage is applied. Using Poiuyz' calculations A 20% Damage Potion: 100 base + (Base * 0.2) + ([Base * 0] * 5) = 120 A 40% Critical Potion 100 base + (Base * 0) + ([Base * 0.4] * 5) = 300 Of course, the above two equations are particularly odd circumstances, as it would be rare to have a +5 Multicrit devoid of any other bonuses, and it's assuming a minimum Critical Chance sufficient to ensure every Multicrit occurs.

Okay read it right please. If you reorder the equation Its Basedmg = towerdmg * (relative dmg +1) DMG= basedmg + basedmg * crit dmg * multicrit. Or DMG= basedmg * ( 1 + 1 * crit dmg * multicrit) The first part of the addition gets low impact asap mc and crit dmg get to certain high values which simplifies to DMG= basedmg * crit dmg * multicrit. That's how it works.( mc is the pro. Value not the stat) So still a crit potion is superior when looking at it just at the beginning but look at this. Basedmg = 1 Crit DMG = 4 ( ten potions given) Mc= 5 DMG would be 21 Now add potions Dmg potion 1.2 * (1+20) = 25.2 Crit potion 1+4.4*1*5 =23 So dmg pot would be better. As I said its all about the balance.

Here is my calculation about this 100 base damage +100% damage =200 damage (but its just normal attack) then you have 20% crit damage 200damage*20%crit damage =240 (crit attack)* 5mc =1200 total crit damage i think so it s much better to get those balanced in my opinion

sorry its 240crit attack 1200 total crit damage. i didnt see the edit button

very interesting topic, so you guys say that for an example my current secondary that has 10,1k dmg add and 17,4 crit dmg add will need crit potions but is close to be on spot and my main that has the soulreaper equipped and 18,7k dmg add and 17,3 critdmg add then my main will need more dmg from the 2:1 ratio? amirite?

Nah seelenreisser totally messes this up to "go full crit DMG" because in long games the seelenreisser bonus is larger than anything you can get in crit DMG(except abyss). The 2:1 ratio is just for potions only comparison. Any other bonuses skew this. Well if it comes back to ( after everything considered) just pots in the end. Then you should aim for double crit DMG compared to DMG.

tnx, i have been thinking about this, i have just drank them as they come until 400% item, then i swipe all water and later on i swipe speed potions aswell, in the beginning i use to keep all crits and swipe the white speed and strength for chance of water, and the blue i drink until lategame then i swipe them all but crit, all the yellow potions i drink except for water, the rest of the yellow speed i put on gib and knus, i drink the yellow strength because it seems like a waste to swipe them?

early game its best to swipe everything but itemchance pot until you get a few of them then I start with the other stats. (I normaly dont swipe yellow named pots though)