Best item setup for main? And secondary?

Ok the must haves IMO are: Seelenreisser, mreaver and the scepter set. so after that you have either the demon blade or the hydra arrow to chose from. wich one is really better? my 2 last games i almost leaked with demon blade until i replaced it with hydra and hydra cleaned the map easily, in the first game my demon blade was kinda sucky(300ish) so i thought it depended on that, but even my 494 blade was worse than hydra. I can't seem to find another viable combo?

I don't have spectral set and demon blade. Here's my setup. Seelenreiser is hands down best one. On main I give seelenreiser, plasma blade and gt, Excalibur. For my secondary I use withered set complete (Works best on scarecrow) with blade of darkness and hydra arrow. Rest slots are either unrelenting force or frozen heart to increase multicrit. On jillys I give impatience set and lucky pants. Same for abyss and knuspherehexe. Mjoelnir I give to knuspherehexe because she can eat 3 creeps at once if it procs on lightning attack. Can take to 3k secs on normal.

And for reaver I put it on frozen demon for mass slow.

ok i can understand that you use plasma blade and gt if you don't have either spectral or demon, but plasma blade is only good in mid game(from tower lvl 50 until about wave 4-500) on your main i recommend to give main the blade of darkness and hydra arrow and your secondary get the strong force set instead, i swipe the strong force set in the bonus rounds for a card dust potion, but because you don't have demon or spectral i think it is better that you put it on you secondary =) A lvl 99 jilly with impatience set is quite good at instakill even without lucky pants so i would reccomend you put the withered mushroom+catus set on them instead. Abyss needs luck and the best item for him is helmet of hades, i use to put dungeon door(don't know where to put it if not on him), hades helmet and 3 lucky pants on him, on knusper i use impatience set and 2 lucky pants, but i have to ask you about mjölner! does it really proc with knusper? i tried and i could never see that it made any difference on her? i use mjölner on GIB for mass freeze, reaver is a must on your main or you will leak very fast ;) i still only play easy but on a 500 game and all 3 decks i can make it to 30k+ sec, and on a 200 wave game i made 21k sec with darkness deck only.

Yes bro it worked on knuspherehexe.... 3 creeps at once...

For the record, on Abyss, Lucky Pants and Painting of Solea allows him to level up a little quicker while still allowing him maximum Proc chance.

My final 5 items on main are reaver, Demon blade (4++), spec set, holy arrows. Still contemplating between holy arrows or blade of darkness... not sure which is better now. Btw if u have skull of darkness u can transmute is on the last count for extra half purple pot =) for those who didnt know yet.. If i break my old time i will update again on a better set!

For my long bonus round runs on hard, my go to setup is shadow sitting between two mr iron walls (one in front of my main and one near the end of shadows range to catch any leaks. For items I just send all speed items to mr irons to get them both below .07 and add withered set to them. For shadow I use m. Reaver, lucky pants, seelenriser, darkness blade, and Excalibur until the leaks happen more frequently or I'm already close to 10k adapts. Then I'll switch out to spectre and only at this point would I even consider using a blood demon blade (Still dont have it yet, and not really inclined to get it just yet). The mr iron walls allows me to be a lot more flexible with pure dmg and allows me to use mjolnir on my gib. Having a well placed Elvis imitator and gib allows the creeps to walk up to my mr iron walls almost single file. This allows my knus to eat at her hearts content and gives almost all kills to shadow main. I'm still without a lot of relics you guys are writing about so I'll update once I get more gear.