Tower Advice

Hello, until we can get a Wiki going, I thought we should post a dedicated thread for those who were interested in learning more about the towers. I've only started with a Darkness grouping, as it's the deck I play the most, but I'll try and write up a Nature or Metropolis guide this weekend as well. If anyone wants to contribute, just post advice down below and I'll add it in, and and you to a credits list.

Darkness Most Darkness towers are reliant on luck and speed to be effective. Damage is typically less important to them, though the Dark Forge and Acolyte of Greed benefit massively from Damage boosts. Darkness towers only have direct Synergy with other Darkness towers (Abyss King and all Darkness towers), though they have utility in all mixes. Twisted Novice Wizard – The only Darkness tower I don’t like. Has a one in four chance in screwing you up, and those odds never improve. Besides that, he’s the only Common Darkness tower with three range, instead of four, and has fairly weak Damage and Speed. If you insist on using them, boosting speed and luck will allow them to cast more often, for better or worse. Small Spider – The Small Spider was alright prior to the 1.1 patch, but now it’s actually viable compared to the Miss Jelly. Being able to hit fairly often with a strong slowing effect means you’ll want to bump up speed and luck. Please note, you’re not going to carry with her, she’s strictly a support tower. Not overly useful against mass/normal/air enemies (Due to the targeting system), she can be made to be with the Reaver if desperately needed. Miss Jelly – My favourite Common Darkness, bar none. With a very slight chance to insta-gib or stun (That scales up dramatically), Miss Jelly is one of the few Darkness towers that are good at both Mass and Boss characters. While she can’t instantly kill boss/Boss Challenge enemies, she can against Mass Challenge, which is immensely useful. Boost her speed all the way down to 0.1sec delay, and pump her full of luck, and she’ll be killing or stunning twice per second. Shadow – Everyones’ go to, and for good reason. The Shadow combines good Speed, Range and eventually Damage in to a ridiculously potent combination. Be advised though, Shadow’s usefulness drops off dramatically when Challenge, Horsemen or Bonus rounds appear though, as their damage bonus goes out the window. Bump up their Speed and Luck, and the Damage will take care of itself. With significant investment, Shadow can be made to do over a billion damage consistently against standard waves. Solara the Fire Elemental – I fell for Solara’s concept early on, but she simply doesn’t work in execution. Her splash damage and damage-over-time don’t combine to make her an anti-mass killer, as she only targets the first enemy in range, often leaving the others completely unaffected. I’d recommend against using her, though if you do, she’s one of the few Darkness towers to function better with more Damage than Speed. Scarecrow – My biggest heartbreak in the game. I love Scarecrow’s concept. A build-up-before-attacking tower to put in at the end of the run sounds awesome. Problem is, Scarecrow is among the worst towers in the game, and is neck-in-neck with Solara for the worst Darkness tower overall. Poor stats mean the nature of the tower takes him from specific use, to utterly useless. Even when boosted, will struggle with any kind of opponent. Gib the Frozen Demon – Most people don’t like Gib, and it’s easy to understand why. He takes a ton of effort to get, wastes two Rare items to get, requires a huge set, and has poor scaling. But as far as slow-effects go, Gib is actually my favourite. His only important stat is Speed, as he can’t do enough damage to kill anyways. I also frequently put Messerschmidt’s Reaver on him, to slow masses of enemies all at once. Keep him near Knuperhexe to render his armor addition irrelevant. Note: If you’re going for a Nature City quest, and you produce Gib, that’s fine, but if you deploy him you’ll fail. Acolyte of Greed – At one time the Acolyte was the only Rare Darkness tower, and basically had no abilities after their initial deployment. That left a big chunk of utility missing from the Darkness deck. Since the 1.1 patch though, the Acolyte now fills a unique niche, which can be abused in some situations. When made, the Acolyte produces Treasure Goblins. Be careful, as the can be pretty strong, and actually harm you if they make it through. However, the can be used in multiple ways. The most obvious is for items, as late-game you’re almost assured to get potions and Rare items. They can also be used to “block” the standard enemies from getting harmed. This can be useful to get Mass enemies near your Knuperhexe/Abyss King, or to move enemies up to a Ripper. After the battlecry, the Acolyte actually has some impressive stats, but you’ll want to replace them with a more useful tower eventually. The Ripper – By god I love this tower. He starts out with absolutely dreadful combination of slow attack speed, one range and mediocre damage. But pump him up with Critical Chance boosts and Speed as soon as possible and he very rapidly becomes outrageously useful. He’s peculiar in that his “Luck” element is actually Critical Chance, whereas all other Darkness towers need Luck itself (Which caps at 80% and is much harder to accumulate). When his Critical Chance goes to 100% and his Speed is down to 0.1sec, he’ll increase both his Damage and Critical Damage half a percent each, per second so long as he has enemies to strike. Boosting his range can be immensely useful, as can Multicrit elements. Unlike Shadow, he maintains usefulness even in Challenge, Horseman and Bonus rounds. Knuperhexe – One of the two anti-mass Legendaries. Knuperhexe basically renders Armored, Mass and Slow waves irrelevant after a while. Boost the hell out of her Luck and Speed. You don’t need to kill bosses with her, you just need her to vacuum up Mass enemies and help your Carry towers eliminate problem enemies. When paired with Gib, she can negate the downside of his attack, allowing for huge slowing without consequence. More useful than Abyss King in a multi-type deck. Abyss King – The other anti-mass Legendary. I personally prefer him to Knuperhexe (Though I always run them both), especially in a pure-Darkness deck. He has the exact same chances as Knuperhexe to insta-kill a Mass creep, meaning with his Luck pushed as far as it can go, and his Speed down to 0.1sec, he can instantly kill four Mass creeps per second. Combined with Knuperhexe, it basically renders it impossible for ANY Mass creep to advance. More useful than Knuperhexe in a pure Darkness deck. The Dark Forge – Definitely in my top five favourite towers, the Dark Forge has an absolutely ridiculous base Damage. His base Minimum Damage is actually higher than any other Darkness towers Maximum Damage to start with. His drawbacks are his limited Range, as well as an absolutely awful Speed stat (At 5.0sec, he’s tied for slowest tower in the game). His secondary ability begins as a good way to gain him experience vicariously, or to simply convert items in to potions/better items. With a high enough level, he can create the Skull of Darkness and Blade of Darkness, incredibly powerful items you’ll definitely want to grab. Pump up his Damage, and get his Speed going if you have no more need from them. Blood Demon – Ludicrously expensive, and horrible stats mean you’re getting the Blood Demon for precisely one purpose, the Blood Demon’s Blade. This item bumps up the Base Damage of a tower (Immensely useful for towers like Hitman, Shadow and Ironman) in exchange for knocking your health all the way down to one. After the Blade has been built though, there is essentially no reason to keep the tower. Replace him with something better, and get your gold back.

The ripper passive thing only adds 0.05 to attack and critical, which around 200 waves is 2000 maybe which is only about a 100 percent boost, for his short range and not too impressive damage I dont think he is to good.

I always play to 500 waves, and like to go for long Bonus round lengths. Shadow's usefulness drops out IMMENSELY in the bonus round, leaving only really Miss Jelly, The Dark Forge and Ripper for carry towers. Of them, Miss Jelly is inconsistent, and the Dark Forge is on par with the Ripper, just slower with more impressive base Minimum Damage. By the time round 350 is rolling around though, Ripper gains damage far quicker naturally than Dark Forge can have it fed to him via potion.

You use the dark forge as a carry tower?

Doing a pure Darkness run (I like trying to run specific decks) it's one of the few options. Pump up the Multicrit and crank the Speed and he can easily run 100M every 0.1 - 0.3 seconds.

Thats fair for a pure dark deck.

Yeah. I try not to rely on Shadow too much, he becomes way too weak in the bonus round.

I have actually never gone to bonus with him, I never liked him that much so I only used him as a inbetween until Until I had the tower I wanted.

Yeah, even before his debuff, the difference for him between standard and bonus rounds was quite stark. Why I always had a Dark Forge buffed all to hell and back. Dark Forge handled powerful single targets, Knuperhexe and Abyss King handled mass creeps, and an army of Miss Jillys handled everything else. lol

Man you should join this #mazebertisawesome kik group thing, I normally dont like it but its super convenient for talking about strategies.

I started this a while ago, then got busy with life and kind of forgot about it... http://mazebert.wikia.com/wiki/Mazebert_TD_Wiki It is open to edit. I was trying to got a basic template for all card types before I told anyone about it, but clearly I am not going to solo the whole thing so have at it people!

Will do when I have time.

Yeah, will help too. Maybe once that Wiki gets filled in nicely it should be stickied to the front page? This is a hard game (Especially 1.1), any help we can provide new players would be nice.

Made first contribution, shadow is there now kind of, havent bothered putting his stats yet but the general idea of how to use him there, I hope that his section may become more detailed.