Skills and strategy

Okay guys I got a question. How do you stack your skills in wizard menu. I mean what's the general setup for skills for beginners... Like I have level 24 so how should I invest skill points. I'm also not very experienced and yet I play on hard. Average I make it to 60 waves and then I'm thrashed. I tried many strategies but still I can't make it past 60. Any help will be appreciated

well read a lot in the forums they have a lot of help, probaby missed a lot in this forum but try reading it and see if that help you anything https://mazebert.com/forums/topic/noob-here/

Yaar I've read it all but I can't do a thing in game. I thought playing on hard to gain more exp and that rare cards drop more but no good. Can you give any hints on how to invest skill points?

Okay I made it to wave 100. Improvisation with iron man worked with meat mallet but knuspherehexe didn't do anything significant. Here's the SS of placement and skill allotment. What changes can you suggest??? Tower placement Iron man stats Skills

Well I started with attack speed then damage till unlocked luck tier at 30 or 40 easy or best bet since I think the exp bonus and HP scales. Is 1:1 75‰hp exp vs 125 exp HP so if you factor in the mobs you kill more gold exp should get 50% + farther the wizard HP skill is nice too least later hero's I liked littlefinger since you get items sooner first goal is 200 on easy to get bonus rd exp plus relic dust

if you read the forum you should already know a good way to distibrute skill points, the easy,normal and hard mode only change the wizard exp, not the tower exp or anything with card drop, as low level wizard you gain by far more to play on easy as completing quests that gives relic shards that you make golden cards out of will be easier to complete and also you get more wizard exp in the long run if you complete say the first 200 levels on easy and gain the bonus exp that is given every x seconds for surviving the bonus rounds thatn you can get by winning 50-100 levels on hard, also with the quests they gives you extra cards that you cannot obtain without relic shards(heroes and legendary cards) mroe the reason to complete all quests as they come, sadly only 1 per day though =) if you dont wanna read the forum and including linked forums i left above you should at least read the strategy topic in Guides & strategies as it is mostly about hard difficulty

Allright, i will still dish out some of my Tips here, SKillpoints: Speed, Item chance, Crit chance are in my opinion the 3 Main skills. Depending on your used Towers you might add the Luck here (Shadow, knusper, Scarface and whatever is out there. Remember: They are only good if they proc. so boost their luck! For shadow, try to stick with max speed and at least one Lucky Pants (or how they are called) to max the adaption gain. Equip Messerschmidts Reaver as soon as possible on Shadows for everything except Air/Boss/challange.) I wont go into placement details. Plenty of good stuff in the forums and easy to find too. But some general things: Shadow: 3 Mushrooms (+speed -dmg) and a Lucky Pants (+luck) work quite fine to stack adaptions. CAREFUL wont deal enoguh dmg in early/mid stages like that. Scarface: One Lucky Pants is nearly enough to max out the Multi-shot chance (if he is on 99). Or go for some Viking Helmets Holgar: Nice "early" and mid carry. Potion factory. Swap them and try to get some Water of Life Potion Quality DOES NOT MATTER! 2 Whites give the same stat as one Blue potion. 2 blue as one Yellow potion. Try to swap potions early on for a chance to increase your dropchance (Water of Life). You dont lose anything ;) Useful Items: Magic Mushroom -> Blue Item, so high chance to get it "early" on. On about Towerlevel 45 it gives more speed then the League boots. (Quite useful on shadow) All the Steaks. Great dmg value. (Less useful for Shadows, but for everything else its good. Blue one gives bonus dmg/level and yellow a critchance of +10%) The "Buzz Buzz" set. Gaining all 3 Items on a single tower will add bonus speed for each second skipped between waves. Useful on SUPPORT TOWERS, with stuns oder Towers like Knusper Hexe. Not recommanded for Carry towers, cos there are better items out their for carrys. That are the main items you should not swipe away. Use all items you get as long as you have to. Even Frozen Water can be useful for a holgar to kill an Air Wave or other hard waves. 30% Dmg is quite nice even if you gain less exp. Its still more then exp then leaking the units. Build as much as you have to, but not more. Save Pumpkins for yoru supportive Towers if you dont need them in normal rounds... Well i think i covered some stuff. Guess you already knew it but still ;)

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Also at lower levels. Get max challenge damage is also good. More exp from dmg on challenge waves. Use easy mode with early decks that dont rely on stats much or items like mono wolf deck or run jilly/scarecrow to farm quick exp. You can try isolating herb witch with wisdom key by themself for a little exp boost. If i am nt wrong exp also gives player exp.