Hitting the 100b

First, thanks for a great game! So i've finally manage to hit 100b at level 200.. What are your guys highest cashflow this far? Hopefully the rest of the game will be on cruise control from here on!

=) 1st game: 1st game 1stgame2 2nd game (not ended): 2nd game

Oh dear this is an awful lot of money :-D The best I ever reached with satellite was about 200M!

Damn, 728b ! Better step up my game then! Is it possible too finish level 2000 with that on hard?

Pretty sure that it is possible to hit 1000B gold. But you will need LOTS of luck) Btw i played only on hard, screenshots in my previous post done on hard mode as well. Game with 728b is not ended yet, i'll post Sat's dmg here. Finally ended 728b game 2nd game2 Sat equipped with 2 Blades of Darkness and 2 Dried Cactuses.

OMG. How lucky can one be ? Ive tried it like 15 times now. On wave 150 i quit, because i only have 5-6 money bins maximum and like 100k gold...

I'll make a guide how to try to reach 1000b gold at lvl 200. But a little later.

That would be great. But i guess its really luck dependant. If no bins drop...you cant do it :-)

That's a good SAT :) Just finish my first playthrough, it takes a lot of time to go through 2000 levels!! I'm almost considering suggesting that the dark forge can make scepters! Gonna try hit 500b later on hard this time.. but yeah, guess it depends a little on when the bins drop since you can only start with 1!

Dependence from luck is an advantage of this td. It makes td replayable and variative.