Еasy strategies for beginners!

............................................................. Metropolis type of towers strategy ................................................(is optional and easier to use other type for support) ...............In my case starting with Light to support my Metropolis (because the Metropolis/Light quest) 1.You need one Hitman, one Electric Chair, 2-3 Irish Pub and in all other places - Gargoyles. 2.Put all your potions on your cary Hitman and sometimes on the Electric Chair making them more powerful to kill more creep as possibile = more experience = more leveling up (to prevent the spread of experience to all towers in the field). 3.The hardest one in this strategy actualy is the item that you need for it - Unrelenting Force (rare item = yellow collor). Give this item to the Hitman when he has at least 3 attack speed. To have more chance to obtain it the item - just don't fill your map with towers in the beginning. Bether is to transmute them and for around 60-80 waves you will get 3-5 rare items and hopefully "Unrelenting Force". With this item your Hitman will be realy powerful (I got more than 100 000 average damage for 200 waves and even was not the maximum of 1500% dmg). 4.The positions of your cary Hitman and Electric Chair are precise. - Hitman best position is when he has all the map in range (exept 1 tile). There is only one such position in the whole map. - Electric Chair must be in the left side on 2x4 building squares part of the map. In that position the mass creep will be 2 times under his attacks. Im sure with this simple strategy you can beat any map with 200 waves on easy (exept Golden Grounds). I made the Metropolis/Light quest beating 200 waves when was level 41. My settings was: Hero: Sir Littlefinger Skills: Berserk 10/10, Giant 10/10, Ninja 10/10, Time Master, Archmage 10/10 Map: Blood Moor Difficulty: Easy Elements: Metropolis Light Waves: 200 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT: The speed of 3 is the minimum to use this item, but is not enough because still has a chance the damage combo can be broken even if you click next wave like in one of my experiments :) and starting new combo can be to late. Thats why put on your Hitman speed potions or speed items (with the time when leveling up the tower will become faster, but till then you need to make that speed early in the game). I think that like 1.6 attack speed or faster is good enough to prevent the possibility of interrupting the combo. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Future development opportunities for this strategy that I still did not try: Eventualy you can echange your Gargoyles towers (that are 3 range around Hitman) with Money Bin towers. After that echange Hitman with Blofeld Laser Satellite tower (this tower is faster and more money you collect - more powerful become). I gess and expect with this strategy to be able to beat 500 waves. The problem is that I don't no when I exchange this two towers what will happend with my damage combo. Think that shut be broken... so I will need a lot of gold to have strong enough damage to survive till acumulate againe +1500 % damage. (I wrote this when I was at level 41)

Sounds overly complicated to me. Is this guide for metro light quest or general? If for the quest maybe write at top.

Thanks Kami. Is general. Is not complicated :) just I explane a lot trying to not miss something important and be precise to make it clear enough. I did not mansion on the top because soon will put here other strategies for beginners. And yes... I can say this strategy with one sentence: "Focus on two towers - cary tower Hitman with Unrelenting Force item and Electric Chair for support". But I know that in this case (probably) the new players will have questions about what are the steps to make this work. Thats why I give the answares to most possibile questions about this strategy. (I wrote this when I was at level 47)

I'd say just don't bring light at all it'll be easier, the only notable units from light are Gargoyles, Templars, Tinkers, Training holograms although it'll hurt only depending on Elvis imitators for CC upto wave 150. you can just drink the light potion at 150 and spec into gargoyles at that point. and reduces the chance of being scammed by lucifer or snow globe or rainbow unicorn (although unicorn can be pretty useful on shattered plains) (and snow globe can be used on a gargoyle then attached to someone with better attack speed) (Holograms are just bait in my opinion especially when you dont have access to better supports) (unless you are going for stonecutter) The big risk is hitmans lower bound for damage is really low. And the timing when you get purple items. (such as almost losing a pure light run due to not getting excalibur within 200 rounds). or not getting enough water of life early enough. If you get Black Widow from the first purple guaranteed drop she'll be a better transition into blofeld. Though it's risky and more recommended for longer runs.

Ok if this is a general advice it is much too complicated. Go for nature only with mass wolves as soon as you get about 100% spd(for mass) and some wolves out that you have enough dmg to kill. It is a quite smooth ride to wave 200 or so. A quite good tower to go to before you make the carry a wolf is solara which you got via deckmaster. This should work more often than not. And you see if it works early. Another possibility is darkness only. Mummy first then switch to solara and alternate between solara and scarecrow depending on situation. It is important to focus your experience on the carry. It is also important to get drop rate up to at least 100% quickly. (Transmute all grey and blue potions to try to get the drop rate potions)

I will try the wolf. With the time I realize more and more clear how important is the order and the places where will build my towers. This game came hard to me or lets say "uncomfortable" because my type of play is to find the best (for me) one or two strategies and use them all the time. Thans why this game is chalenge for me... pushing me to use most of the time different strategy. The interesting or the funny part is that Im still trying to play on my way :) and that's why I get a lot of problems, but will continue on my way... I like when is so difficult like almost impossibile :) (I wrote this when I was at level 47)

Oh even the experienced players might throw a run. Some luck is always involved. But having good strategies and a higher wizard level helps.

..................................................Wizard fast leveling strategy 1. You need at least level 24 to start use Hero: Kvothe, the Arcane. Using this option you will recieve x2 Wizard experience (IMPORTANT: works only on Hard difficulty). 2. Start to play with Skills: Giant 10/10, Ninja 10/10 and Time Master (seems to me basic requierements). The other skill points you can use depending on what Elements and towers you will use. 3. Play always on x4 speed and don't click pause (because I did this mistake). Just try to do your best without pause. Yes... you may be will not be able to beat wave 100 but relax. Fast Wizard leveling means that soon you will get more skill points and will unlock more skills. This will give you the fastest start in this game. Dont think about the strategy, just put some towers that works for you bether and no mather if you die on wave 50 or 80. Just keep doing this. Im sure its fastest way to get big Wizard level. I lost a lot of days to click "pause" thinking and trying to get more waves, change items between the towers and so on... This is just waste of time for beginners, because you can't go to far if you don't have good skills (or if you dont have years of eperience :) Example what happend to me :) I start this game 8 days ago. And for this 8 days made Wizard level 50. Today I try this strategy for 2 hours gameplay. The result was: I get 19000 exp and now Im level 54. I think after 2-3 days will reach Wizard level 70 which seems to me very good. Also If someone is level 70-75 or more... may be is not beginner anymore. At least acording to the game progress :) However, who has been playing this game for a long time is really experienced. (I wrote this when I was at level 54)

The best way to level is to make it to the bonus round and stay alive then. But this might take some levels and experience to get there... so this might be a good intermediate strategy.

It seems that the experience gain strategy works very well. (I wrote this when I was at level 60)

Used the sniper strat but slight diffrent beat 200 waves allmost flawless (lost 5 challrnges and last rider because tride dungeon door) didnt used Pubs. Hero was the crit Hero 25 lvls 10points dmg 10 points speed 5 Pointe chritchance keypoints lvl tower up to lvl 16 Chance into gargoyle gargoyle tower speed items Mode attacks= knockback 1 Main hitmann(gets potions) 4 Support hitman standallone 2 chairs others first lvl 16 then gargoyle