Does anyone find mjolneir underwhelming?

It's not as amazing as I'd hoped, yes. Was really hoping it would help apply mass freeze/other effects, but it doesn't. The GT-1/Lightblade combo absolutely blows it out of the water.

Been using it for some games and id say that its quite overpowered on scarcrow , but a trash on everything else. So yeah its not totally underwhelming, or at least id say that :p

Really? I haven't tried it on Scarecrow, but in every situation I've experienced GT-1/Lightblade outperform it... Was kinda hoping for more.

I think it should deal decreasing damage with each hit instead of just 10% for all.

That, or make the "On Hit" effects carry over to every jump.

If I'm not mistaken and recall the code correctly, the on hit effect should trigger on every creep hit by mjoelnir.

When I was using it with Gib, the slow effect wasn't going with each jump, as it does with the Reaver, for example.

Oh that's weird. The onDamage effect should be applied with mjölnir as it actually does a bit of damage. I created a ticket to look into it. Thanks for reporting Romeo :-)

Not a problem, thanks for keeping up the awesome game!

Mjolnir does not work with Miss Jilly :(. I was hoping for the possibility of banishing 3 creeps at once or stunning 3 bosses but all it does is the damage. When testing I had a boss Miss Jilly focused on while creeps where spawned in behind. The boss was stunned many times (lvl 89 Jilly with 180% luck). None of the creeps hit by Mjolnir was banished or stunned. Changed Jilly out with Beaver and got 3 mobs almost perma stunned so the on hit stun from Beaver does work with Mjolnir. Is Miss Jilly and Mjolnir not working a bug or intentional?

Fairly certain its intentional for balance reasons (Imagine a high-luck, high-DPS Miss Jelly with splash damage, you wouldn't even need any other towers). The Reaver doesn't allow splash for her effect either.

The problem is actually Mjolneir is (apparently) working with Beaver, not that it should work with Jilly. Mjolneir should not proc either Beaver or Jilly because those effects are per attack, where Mjolneir is only damaging additional creeps, not permitting more attacks. Effects like Gib's slow proc on damage. So similarly to the Reaver's effect on abilities (the same actually), Mjolneir should not proc abilities that say when attacking or something similar, but only those that proc when explicitly damaging a creep.